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Malawi President Mutharika dressed in a Pimping Jacket silences political opponents in one fired-up press briefing

President Arthur Peter Mutharika dressed in clothing more befitting a pimp or entertainer says he is fit and ready to deliver his promises on development to Malawians during his five-year term and beyond. A visibly physically fit Mutharika was speaking at Kamuzu Palace during a press briefing he convened to inform the nation of his official trip to the 71st United Nations General Assembly (UNGA)

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Rahma sadau Opinions 

Kannywood: I am With Rahma Sadau: Are you?

By Leo Igwe Conservative Muslim clerics are ‘up in arms’ again. This time against artists and the art industry in Nigeria. Their target is a young female artist named Rahma Sadau this time. Muslim clerics banned the Nigerian actress from the Hausa language film industry, Kannywood, because she hugged and cuddled a male artist in a video. Yes, that was her ‘crime’. She expressed romance in a movie, and not in real life! That it. She did nothing else. These clerical throwbacks claimed Sadau’s behavior was ‘immoral’ and that her…

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Stephen Biko and Donald Woods Opinions 

My Friend – The Immortal Steve Biko

AMBASSADOR WELILE NHLAPO Through our life journey, we meet different types of people. Some will touch our lives but later continue on their course and we forget about them. But others won’t just make a mark in our lives but they’ll leave their footprints in our minds and hearts. Steve was that kind of a human being. Even though there’s a specific day set aside to celebrate Biko, the truth is, every day is a Steve Biko day in the life of an African, especially in South Africa at the…

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