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Rwanda to reject refugees from DR Congo

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has said his country will no longer accept people fleeing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

DR Congo has continuously blamed Rwanda for supporting the M23 rebels fighting Congolese armed forces in eastern Congo.

The rebel group has captured swathes of territory in recent months.

Rwanda has also denied it was involved in the current conflict there, which has forced millions to flee their homes. Some of these refugees cross the border into Rwanda.

“This is not Rwanda’s problem,” said Mr Kagame, adding: “I am refusing that Rwanda should carry this burden,” President Kagame said.

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According to Kagame, the rest of the world had completely missed the point when it came to eastern DR Congo.

For him, the real threat to security is what he describes as the remnants of Hutu extremist forces who tried to wipe out his Tutsi ethnic group in the 1994 genocide.

The presidency has shared Mr Kagame’s remarks in a tweet.


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