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Morocco bans travellers arriving from China over COVID surge

Morocco has imposed a ban on people arriving from China effective Tuesday, Jan. 3 as it makes effort to prevent a wave of Covid-19 infections.

The foreign ministry said all nationalities arriving from China will be hit with this ban.

Several countries have imposed restrictions on travellers from China due to a surge in COVID-19 cases.

Morocco is a top destination for tourists especially from China every year, travelling on flights that come via the Gulf.

The north African nation doesn’t want to compromise on the health of its population.

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Some African countries like Ghana have said they are monitoring the current situation in China to decide how to respond to protect citizens.

Ghana is asking its citizens to vaccinate against Covid-19 for better protection.

China last month dismantled its strictest COVID regime of lockdowns and extensive testing to re-open its economy this year.

Some international health experts say lifting of restrictions though has led to COVID spreading and likely infecting millions of people.

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