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Profound Partnerships: FRÉ Skincare and the High Atlas Foundation

Zuha Afzal | 2021 HAF-UVA Intern Abstract The High Atlas Foundation (HAF) is an international development organization based in Morocco whose mission is to promote sustainable development. By supporting and empowering local communities on capacity building, clean water initiatives, pro bono legal aid, youth development, women’s empowerment, education, and health, HAF is dedicated to creating brighter and healthier futures for Moroccan communities. FRÉ Skincare is a company based in Israel that focuses on providing essential skincare products for women, especially for women who lead active lifestyles. Moreover, for every skincare…

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Morocco legalizes cannabis production for medical use

– – Morocco‘s government has legalized the production of cannabis for medicinal and industrial purposes. With the approval, farmers would now be allowed to farm so the cannabis can be exported and used domestically. The government is hopeful this move will lift up impoverished farmers in the Rif mountains amid a growing legal global market for the drug. Cannabis is mostly grown in the northern Rif mountains of Morocco. Until this approval growing the plant was illegal although the production has been overlooked by authorities with Morocco among the top…

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The Real Price of Marriage in South Sudan

By Hanna HassanVirginia, USA August of this year will mark the one-year anniversary of the end of South Sudan’s civil war, yet recent surges of violence suggest that peace is far from being realized. These attacks by armed groups include instances of sexual violence against women and girls. Sexual and gender-based violence (GBV) continues to be a significant characteristic in South Sudan’s conflict, threatening the livelihood and human rights of women and girls. UNICEF reports approximately 65% of women and girls in South Sudan have experienced physical or sexual violence…

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Egyptian lost city dating back over 3,400 years discovered

– – Egyptian Archaeologists have announced the discovery of a lost ancient city which was supposedly buried under sand for thousands of years. Experts say the discovery is one of the most important finds since unearthing Tutankhamun’s tomb. Famed Egyptologist Zahi Hawass who announced the discovery of what is called the “lost golden city”, said the site was uncovered near Luxor, home of the legendary Valley of the Kings. The archeology team said in a statement that “The Egyptian mission under Dr. Zahi Hawass found the city that was lost…

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Sudan declares state of emergency after clashes left 40 dead

– – A state of emergency has been declared in Sudan‘s West Darfur state following ethnic clashes that have left at least 40 dead. Over 50 people have also be injured in the clashes which have displaced thousands of people. The violence broke out on Saturday between Arab groups and the non-Arab Massalit ethnic community in the city of El Geneina. Gunfire could be heard in the neighbourhoods of Hay Al Jabal and Al Jamarik late afternoon on Monday, UN humanitarian affairs agency OCHA said. According to OCHA, the situation remains tense in the…

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Photos: Historic parade held for Egyptian mummies in Cairo

A historic parade was held on Saturday for Egypt’s ancient rulers through the capital, Cairo. 22 mummies made up of 18 kings and four queens were transported from the neo-classical Egyptian Museum to their new resting place 5km away. Transported with great fanfare the mummies were paraded in chronological order of their reigns – from the 17th Dynasty ruler, Seqenenre Taa II, to Ramses IX, who reigned in the 12th Century BC. The mummy of King Ramses II was among those to be transported. Photo: Reuters The mummies were placed…

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Suez Canal: Ships begin sailing through cleared waterway

Ships have started sailing through Egypt’s Suez Canal again, a day after a giant container vessel blocking the vital trade route was freed. Thirty-seven ships that were struck at the midway point cleared the waterway overnight, while 70 others are due to travel its entire length on Tuesday. The canal authorities hope to clear the traffic jam of some 300 vessels waiting to use it within three-and-a-half days. Meanwhile, the freed ship will be inspected for seaworthiness by experts. The 400m-long (1,312ft), 200,000-tonne Ever Given became wedged diagonally across the…

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Former Pastoral Nomads Considering In-Place Farming

By Jacqueline Skalski-Fouts Recent trends reveal that pastoralists in the Maghreb region are turning to sedentary farming practices like agroforestry as nomadic herding becomes more difficult. This unpublished article investigates the causes for this shift, associated environmental impacts, and local responses. North African pastoralism, an agricultural method used for centuries by nomadic people in the steppe highlands, is on the decline. Facing limited grazing land due to overuse and drought, pastoral nomads are favoring more sedentary farming methods like growing fruit or nut trees and crops. Developmental nonprofits in the…

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Morocco cuts all ties with German embassy

– – Morocco has suspended all ties with the German embassy in the country over its stance on Western Sahara. The suspension of relations was announced by Morocco’s foreign affairs ministry who cited “deep disagreements concerning crucial issues.” In December, 2020 Germany criticized then-US President Donald Trump for recognizing Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara. A senior diplomat said Morocco’s decision to suspend ties with Germany was also a response to not receiving an invitation to an international meeting about Libya last year. When Berlin hosted a conference in January 2020…

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95 African migrants rescued off Libya’s coast

International Organization for Migration (IOM) has said that its officials have rescued 95 migrants off the coast of Libya on Sunday. IOM officials however revealed that many of those rescued suffered from burns and hypothermia. 15 others died at sea with most of those rescued on Sunday are African migrants from Cameroon, Sudan and Mali. Last week IOM officials in Libya also disclosed that more than over 150 migrants were intercepted and returned to the country by its coast guard. ? Tragic news from #Libya as 15 lives were lost…

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