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Malawi: Search underway for missing plane carrying veep and 9 others

A military plane carrying Malawi’s Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima and nine others has gone missing. The plane carrying the 51-year old left the capital Lilongwe on Monday, to travel to the north covering a distance of 370 kilometers (230 miles). But it failed to make its scheduled landing at Mzuzu International Airport in 45 minutes. In a statement, the… Read More
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DR Congo ‘failed coup’ plotters go on trial

The trial of over 50 persons charged in a ‘failed coup‘ attempt incident in the Democratic Republic of Congo started on Friday. Those charged include six persons with U.S., British, Canadian and Belgian citizenship. The defendants all appeared in court charged with taking part in a failed coup and other offences. All 53 who appeared in court also face charges… Read More
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South Africa: ANC prefers a national unity government

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress has said it prefers to form a national unity government which could make room for other political parties. Its leaders say they are talking to five parties towards realising this dream of a unity government. The ANC secured 159 seats out of 400 in the new National Assembly, while the DA had 87. The… Read More
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Nigeria: Labour unions suspend strike to hold talks with government

Nigerian labour unions have suspended their nationwide strike to continue talks with the government over a new minimum wage. The Nigerian government had pleaded with labour unions to rescind their decision and return to work. “After an extraordinary … meeting today, it was decided that the ongoing strike be suspended for the next one week and we will continue negotiation… Read More
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South Africa: ANC faces tough decision to pick coalition partners

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) party has started internal discussions as it makes what could be considered a tough decision in forming a coalition government. The party won 40% of the votes in last month’s general election and that means it cannot rule on its own unless it forms a coalition. The ANC says it was open to talk to… Read More
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Getting Ready for The Euro

The 2024 European Championships will present an opportunity for the best talents across Europe to compete for the continent’s bragging rights. Based on past experiences, the Euros have been characterized by drama at every stage, providing global football fans unmatched entertainment. What are your expectations for this year’s tournament? As you ponder that question, here are some important details about… Read More
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The role of indigenous communities in conservation efforts

African Agroforestry experts are urging for the greater involvement of indigenous communities in addressing the numerous conservation challenges plaguing the region. For many years, indigenous groups have been excluded from decision-making processes that directly impact their lives and livelihoods. They face significant obstacles, including marginalization and lack of recognition by governments and other ethnic groups. To effectively tackle the conservation… Read More
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South Africa Election: ANC’s 30 years dominance ends

For the first time in three decades, South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) has lost its dominance. It managed to secure only 40 percent of votes cast in last month’s general election, meaning it can only form a government by forming a coalition with other opposition parties. Vote tallying from Wednesday’s poll has now entered its final stages with… Read More
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Child Online Africa calls for resilient education system for Africans

Child Online Africa, a pan-African NGO based in Ghana is calling for relevant educational system for Africans especially children. In a statement to celebrate Africa Day, the group said it recognizes “the extraordinary potential and rich diversity of the children and young people of our continent.” The organisation said the theme for this year, “Educate an African Fit for the… Read More
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Executions tripled in sub-Saharan Africa as global figures increase by 30%

Recorded executions in sub-Saharan Africa tripled to 38 in 2023 as death sentences in the region increased by 66%. A report released by Amnesty International said Somalia was the only country known to have carried out executions in the region. The human rights watch said the sub-Saharan Africa region experienced a setback following progress made against the death penalty in… Read More