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Equatorial Guinea: Nguema to extend 43-year rule as voters go to the polls

– – Equatorial Guinea‘s President Teodoro Obiang Nguema is seeking to extend his time in office as voters go to the polls on Sunday. Obiang Nguema is the world’s longest-serving president staying in power for 43 years. Over 400,000 people out of the 1.5 million population registered to vote in this year’s general election. Voters will also be electing 100… Read More
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Senegal’s president under pressure not to seek third term

– – Senegalese president Macky Sall is coming under intense pressure not to seek a third term in office. Mr. Sall was elected in 2012 and re-elected in 2019 for a second term but he hasn’t yet made it public and emphatic whether he will seek another term or exit the presidency. The Constitution stipulates that a president cannot serve… Read More
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Guinea’s ruling military proposes two-year transitional timeline

– – The ruling military in Guinea has now proposed to exit power in two years, according to government spokesman Ousmane Gaoual Diallo. This shorter timeline for a transition to elections of 24 months is a revision of the earlier a 36-month timeline. The regional body, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) had earlier rejected the 36-month transition… Read More
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Kenyans await Supreme Court verdict on disputed presidential election

– – Kenyans are anxiously waiting for the country’s Supreme Court to deliver its verdict on Monday on a presidential election petition. The court will rule whether to uphold or nullify the result of last month’s presidential election. The ruling will be delivered by a seven-member panel chaired by a female Chief Justice Martha Koome. Opposition leader Raila Odinga who… Read More
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Angola’s governing party extends long rule with election victory

– – Angola’s ruling People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) is set to extend his long stay in power with this month’s election victory. The party was declared winner of last week’s national election by the electoral commission as it is set to stay in power beyond the nearly five decades since independence. With this latest win incumbent… Read More
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Kenya: Raila Odinga files legal challenge to election results

– – Kenya’s opposition leader Raila Odinga on Monday filed a legal challenge to results of this month’s presidential election in the Supreme Court. He rejected the presidential election results announced last week by election officials. The country’s deputy President William Ruto was declared winner of the country’s presidential election held on August 9. Kenya’s top election official announced that William Ruto… Read More
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Kenya election officials set to announce final results

– – Kenyan election officials are set to announce the final results of the country’s presidential poll. Deputy President William Ruto and opposition leader Raila Odinga are neck and neck in results reported so far by media. Slow progress by the electoral commission in tallying last week Tuesday’s vote has sparked anxiety in the country as citizens await to know… Read More
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Kenyans vote for a new president in crucial election

– – When Mr Ruto who voted in the town of Eldoret in the Rift Valley has pledged to accept the election result. He told the BBC that “I think for the first time in the history of multiparty democracy in Kenya, all the candidates have undertaken that they will accept the outcome of the results.” Voters are also choosing… Read More
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Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame wants to stay in power for another 20 years

Rwanda’s President, Paul Kagame has declared his intention to stay in power for another 20 years despite serving for two decades already. Mr Kagame came to power in 1994 after his rebel forces helped end a genocide that same year. He has since been praised by many for bringing enormous development to his country but his critics say he is… Read More
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Zimbabwe: Chaos at opposition party rally turns deadly

– – A chaotic scene at an opposition party rally in Kwekwe, central Zimbabwe, on Sunday turned deadly with reports of at least one death. Local media also reported of some 10 others sustaining injuries in skirmishes at an rally ground. The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) supporters were reportedly attacked by a group of men armed with spears, machetes,… Read More