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Cape Town’s booming tech industry

– – Cape Town, the tech hub of Africa, is full of entrepreneurs, new technologies, and start-ups from many different industries. It is very easy to start up a tech company in this city because of the combination of government and business collaboration, a strong infrastructure, a supportive community and the city’s excellent location. There are currently 22 entrepreneurs incubators… Read More
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3 Ways 5G Will Change the World

– – Are you interested in the various ways in which 5G is predicted to change the world as we know it? Continue reading to find out everything you need to know. In the past decade, telecommunications technology has continued to evolve at a dramatic pace with the latest and greatest trends and developments rendered obsolete in record-breaking time. In… Read More

Africa can adopt renewable energy on a massive scale and save billions along the way

By Kenneth Engblom, Wärtsilä’s VP Energy for Europe and Africa Africa’s energy future at a crossroad When it comes to building the future of energy in Africa, the decisions facing the continent’s leaders today are nothing less than of historical importance. More than anything else, energy systems are the very fabric of business and society. Countries across Africa want to… Read More
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World’s first 4G-connected earbuds that will make phone obsolete

– – UK tech company Mymanu announces the launch of Titan, the world’s first 4G-connected earbuds at CES Las Vegas 2022. After launching their award-winning true wireless translation earbuds Mymanu CLIK + and Mymanu CLIK S at previous CES events, CEH have stayed true to their ways and have revealed their latest innovative invention at CES Las Vegas 2022. CEO… Read More
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Moringa School partners Impact Hub Accra to train Ghana’s tech talents

– – Africa’s top technology boot-camp, Moringa School has launched its operations in Ghana, expanding to West Africa, in partnership with Impact Hub Accra. The partnership is meant to close the skills-gap in Africa’s job markets by delivering transformative tech-based learning to young people. Providing a well-rounded training to talents in Ghana is foremost on the agenda of this newly… Read More
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The African Edtech solutions empowering tomorrows future leaders

– – The COVID-19 crisis has irrevocably changed education. At the outset of the pandemic, 180+ countries mandated temporary school closures, leaving about 1.6 billion children and youth out of school and affecting approximately 85% of children world-wide. All countries were able to deploy remote learning technologies using a combination of TV, radio, online and mobile platforms. Currently, most countries… Read More
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Renewable Energy and Bottom-up Decentralization in Morocco

By Yossef Ben-Meir, Marrakech The Kingdom of Morocco is a place of hope and promise of honest attempts to make strides commensurate with the humanistic journey. It recognizes in its Constitution, laws, policies, and programs that community participation is the essential ingredient for achieving optimal outcomes, including sustainability and ever-deeper satisfaction among the people. The premise of the nation’s family… Read More
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Malware attacks in Africa surge, reach 85 million in just 6 months

– – Kaspersky research highlights that malware is rife across Africa with various countries exhibiting strong growth in all malware types in the first half of 2021, when compared to the same period last year. This is a 5% increase in the region, as cybercriminals and hackers continue to focus on African countries considering digital transformation advancements and the increase… Read More
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Why children need to learn computer programming

– – The world of technology is changing at a rapid pace. Our children’s future careers will likely rely heavily on the need to be proficient in computer programming. While relying more and more on the Internet of Things (IoT). Getting your children into programming early will boost their career options in the future, providing countless opportunities for success. We… Read More
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How you can use tech throughout your career

– – If you are struggling to further your career in 2021, you should make sure that you are using technology. Technology has now started to become integral to both advancing your career and succeeding at your job, not least because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is likely to become more important in the coming years. Then, if you… Read More