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Juju preaches Cohesion and Steady Transformation plus endorsing President Paul Kagame’s re-election bid.

Campaign songs have become effective tools to sway and win national elections. In Africa, most presidential candidates rely on music to excite and influence potential voters. Many such songs are commissioned/paid for by the politicians and their teams. However some campaign songs are ‘voluntarily composed by artistes’, with politicians eventually embracing and incorporating them onto their campaigns. Musicians that involve in the latter (unpaid campaign songs compositions) are usually those that believe and for all intents and purposes candidly support a particular politician or believe in their manifestos.

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America’s Slow Embrace of World Music

Hugh Masekela of South AfricaThe cult of Michael Jackson in Japan, jazz quartets in Sweden, and rappers from Russia to the Gaza Strip. Black artists from the United States shape the music the rest of the world listens to and makes. But black musicians from other parts of the world, especially Africa, still have a hard time breaking out of their niches and into our broader culture and playlists. 


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South Africa’s Hugh Masekela Jives the Baobab Babes

Photograph by Lauren MulliganHugh Masekela has teamed up with a bevy of young Scandinavian girls, the Baobab Singers, to produce an album of African folk songs that will be released next year. 

The Danish group has been charming local township dwellers over the past few weeks by breaking into traditional folk songs in Sotho, Zulu, Xhosa and Tswana on street corners, wowing pedestrians with soulful renderings of songs they recognise. 


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Malawi’s Urban artist Gwamba releases ‘Ndiyima pachulu’ single

Gwamba PachuluBLANTYRE (AGV) — One of the country’s urban artists, Gwamba has released his second single for his awaited debut album.

Gwamba is also among top musicians featuring in Airtel Malawi’s ‘Mwezi Wawala (Tithyole dansi) song.
The song, ”Ndiyima pachulu” was recorded and produced by one of the celebrated Producers, Pessy Manyozo popularly known as Pro-pee but mastered by Wado, born Edward Kankhomba.

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