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UK seeks to expand deportation plan with Rwanda

The UK is seeking to expand its deportation plans following British interior minister Suella Braverman’s visit to Rwanda. Braverman visited Rwanda on Saturday to expand a deal under which has the African country accepting migrants who arrive in Britain without permission. British courts still have to first confirm that the proposals are legal. The UK government wants to send migrants… Read More
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Rwanda to reject refugees from DR Congo

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has said his country will no longer accept people fleeing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. DR Congo has continuously blamed Rwanda for supporting the M23 rebels fighting Congolese armed forces in eastern Congo. The rebel group has captured swathes of territory in recent months. Rwanda has also denied it was involved in the current… Read More
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Protests break out in eastern Congo over ongoing conflict

– – Protests erupted on Monday in cities of Goma on the DRC side and Rubavu in Rwanda over ongoing conflicts in the area. Police used live ammunition to disperse the protesters who are unhappy with the ongoing war between the Congolese army and the rebel group they claim to get help from the neighboring country of Rwanda. Thousands joined… Read More
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French President hosts talks on Rwanda and DR Congo tensions

– – Amid increasing tensions, French President Emmanuel Macron hosted a meeting between leaders of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Tensions have largely been related to the activities of an armed group called M23 in eastern DR Congo which shares borders with Rwanda. M23 had been dormant for years but resumed its attacks last November, making significant gains… Read More
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5 Best Forex Brokers in Rwanda

– – Rwanda allows a free-wheeling foreign exchange market where commercial banks are allowed to buy foreign currency at set floating rates. Given Rwanda’s pro-business position on forex, finding an internationally registered online forex broker to trade from Rwanda should not be difficult. There are many options available to Rwandan traders in terms of forex brokers, and here we will… Read More
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Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame wants to stay in power for another 20 years

Rwanda’s President, Paul Kagame has declared his intention to stay in power for another 20 years despite serving for two decades already. Mr Kagame came to power in 1994 after his rebel forces helped end a genocide that same year. He has since been praised by many for bringing enormous development to his country but his critics say he is… Read More
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Why the UK signed a migration agreement with Nigeria

– – The United Kingdom has announced a deal with Nigeria on migration which involves tackling illegal migration. According to the UK’s Home Secretary Priti Patel made the announcement on Twitter on Thursday hours after her country deported at least 10 Nigerians for alleged immigration-related offences. The group deported to Lagos airport were then taken away to a facility not… Read More
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Rwanda rejects ‘insulting’ criticism on UK asylum plan

– – The Ugandan government is rejecting the continuous international criticism of its plan to receive asylum seekers from the UK. A government spokesperson Yolande Makolo has described such criticisms as “insulting”, asking such critics to travel to the eastern Africa country to see the progress it had made. A legal action forced the first flight due to take asylum… Read More
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Asylum flight to Rwanda cancelled after legal action

Per the scheme agreed on between the UK and Rwanda, single men arriving in the UK illegally in small boats or lorries will be sent to Rwanda for resettlement. Such people who arrived in the UK by 1 January may be sent to Rwanda, where their asylum claims will be processed. – – Details of the scheme explained that such… Read More
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African Asylum seekers in the UK go into hiding

– – Some asylum seekers in the UK have reportedly gone into hiding to prevent their planned repatriation. Aid agencies say several asylum seekers in Britain are hiding because of fears they will be sent to Rwanda. Under a deal signed last month, people judged to have entered the country illegally face being flown to Rwanda for resettlement. But the… Read More