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Here are the top 10 world’s best countries to visit

The UK’s Telegraph newspaper has carried out a readers survey to determine the world’s best tourist destination – and South Africa emerged top. South Africa toppled New Zealand in the 2023 edition of the survey, the first since the 2019 edition following the Covid-19 disruption. The newspaper every year allows its readers to vote in significant numbers for their chosen… Read More
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What Germany’s new immigration law means for African skilled workers

Germany’s parliament – the Bundestag has passed a new immigration law that seeks to reform its labour sector. Passed on Friday, the reform intends to encourage more people from outside the European Union especially Africa to come to Germany for work. Germany’s interior Minister Nancy Faeser said the “law secures prosperity in Germany” as she makes a case for the… Read More
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Breaking Barriers: Tips and Tricks for Accessible Travel with a Wheelchair

Traveling can be an exciting and enriching experience for anybody, but it can also be a daunting prospect if you are a wheelchair user. However, with the right mindset and some careful planning, you can enjoy all the benefits of travel while still making sure that your mobility needs are accommodated for. Keep reading for some handy tips and tricks… Read More
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RyanAir’s Afrikaans test policy for South African nationals sparks anger

– – There is public outrage after the Dublin-based carrier – RyanAir – imposed new rules on South African nationals. The airline has said South African customers will have to take an Afrikaans test to prove their nationality before boarding flights. The test will cover questions about who is the president of the country, what the capital city is and… Read More
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Meet the woman who has visited every country in the world

A Ugandan-born woman, Jessica Nabongo has reportedly visited every country in the world. She becomes officially the first black woman to do so. Jessica Nabongo, a UN employee now a travel blogger, decided in 2016 to visit all 193 countries in the world. According to a CNN reporting she achieved the target on October 6 arriving in Seychelles, the last… Read More