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Botswana announces discovery of another huge diamond

– – Botswana has announced another discovery of a huge rough diamond, toppling an earlier huge discovery of the stone. The discovery on June 12 was carried out by the Canadian company Lucara and is a 1,174-carat gem. The latest discovered stone now becomes the world’s third largest diamonds. Lucara’s Managing Director, Naseem Lahri told AFP that this is a “historic discovery, for us and for Botswana as well.” “In the hierarchy of large stones, it ranks third,” she said during its presentation to the government in Gaborone. – –…

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The 20 most peaceful countries in Africa for 2021

– – The Institute for Economics and Peace has released the Global Peace Index for 2021. The index is a result of a study of 163 independent nations and territories around the world using several indicators. The indicators look at which countries are the most dangerous, as well as most peaceful to live in. A total of 23 indicators were used to compile the latest list in three categories of militarization, safety and security, and domestic and international conflict. The 2021 study has Iceland occupying the top spot and that…

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5 Travel items that can make your journey less stressful

– – To ensure a safe and comfortable trip, it is important to carry the necessary items to help smoothen the journey. You wouldn’t want to arrive at your destination feeling cranky. Moreover, you’ll be in a foreign area so it’s best you have all you need upon arrival. For instance, instead of using a large duffel bag for your hand luggage, you can use a smaller version that wouldn’t occupy a lot of space. Likewise, instead of having two sets of pants, you can utilize one single pair for…

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COVID-19 PCR Test Requirements to Travel to Ethiopia

– – Ethiopia’s borders remain open during the coronavirus pandemic. Foreign citizens are able to apply for an Ethiopian visa and travel to the country provided they meet all the entry requirements now in place. Visitors from overseas need to take extra steps when preparing for their trip to Ethiopia. The government has introduced a PCR test requirement for most travelers. This article contains important information about the COVID-19 test to enter Ethiopia including: When to have the PCR test for Ethiopia Which type of COVID-19 test is accepted Where to get tested for coronavirus Exemptions…

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Boat with 160 passengers onboard sinks in Niger River

– – Nigerian authorities have said that a boat with 160 passengers onboard on Wednesday sank in the Niger River. The accident happened due to what reports say was as a result of an overloaded boat. The boat was meant to ferry not more than 80 passengers, according to officials who revealed that the vessel was also loaded with bags of sand from a gold mine. Close to 140 people are still said to be missing in northwest Nigeria, a local official said. Abdullahi Buhari Wara, administrative head of Ngaski…

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Water in Lake Malawi turns green

– – The water in Lake Malawi has turned green in a rare phenomenon that has raised concerns among citizens. Authorities in the country have explained that the greening of the water was caused by a bloom in toxic algae. Forestry and Natural Resources Minister Nancy Tembo said that occurred after heavy rains and wind mixed up the nutrients found at the bottom of the lake. She said the lake had become eutrophic – a condition where aquatic life begin to die off as oxygen levels reduce. The minister has…

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5 Ghanaians arrested in Dubai for drug trafficking, one jailed 10 years

– – Officials in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have arrested five Ghanaians for trafficking drugs into Dubai. One of those arrested has been jailed for ten years, according to officials who arrested the suspects at the Dubai International Airport. The Ghanaian Consulate General in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) said in a statement on Wednesday that the five were arrested between January and March this year. “The sad part of it all is that, all the parcels containing the weed were given to them by the agents in Ghana…

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Sierra Leonean author projects African words with English alphabet

– – Vickie Remoe is a Sierra Leonean, journalist and activist who recently decided to launch a project to project African words with the English Alphabet. Inspired by her son, she launched a book this year called ‘Adama Loves Akara’. Remoe explained recently that she “bought my son’s first reader the same day I bought his first pair of pampers. It wasn’t until we started to actively focus on developing his phoneme awareness that I noticed the absence of African culture in the early readers.” She added that “Everything from…

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The African Union’s digital Covid-19 passport for travelers

– – The African Union has developed a common continental Covid-19 digital passport for travelers and airlines. It is an initiative by African Union’s lead health agency, the Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC). The technology is known as Trusted Travel, a platform that will enable passengers across Africa to securely and easily verify compliance with Covid-19 test or vaccine travel requirements issued by their destinations of choice. The platform has been made available to airlines since March 2021 as the continent continues to battle the pandemic.…

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Egyptian lost city dating back over 3,400 years discovered

– – Egyptian Archaeologists have announced the discovery of a lost ancient city which was supposedly buried under sand for thousands of years. Experts say the discovery is one of the most important finds since unearthing Tutankhamun’s tomb. Famed Egyptologist Zahi Hawass who announced the discovery of what is called the “lost golden city”, said the site was uncovered near Luxor, home of the legendary Valley of the Kings. The archeology team said in a statement that “The Egyptian mission under Dr. Zahi Hawass found the city that was lost…

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