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Visa Openness Index: Africa makes visa policy improvements in 2022

– – The 2022 Africa Visa Openness Index (AVOI) report shows African countries making progress in their freedom of travel policies, most of which had been severely curtailed by the Covid-19 crisis. The annual publication, prepared by the African Development Bank Group in collaboration with the African Union Commission, is now in its 7th edition and was launched on Sunday… Read More
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The African countries facing visa ban from the United Arab Emirates

– – Several African countries are facing visa bans from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with an immediate effect in what is seen as a move to tighten visa requirements. The ban covers applications related to a 30-day visitors visas, according to a notice from the UAE. The visa ban covers Uganda, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Cameroon, Nigeria, Liberia, Burundi,… Read More
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Greece and Portugal Golden Visa

– – If you are looking to gain EU citizenship by investing fast and easily, you won’t find better ways than the programs presented by Greece and Portugal. Both will pave a way for you and your family to the European Union passport and have rather similar investment options and waiting periods. However, it is all in the details when… Read More
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Morocco launches e-visa to boost tourism sector

– – Morocco has now launched its e-Visa system as it seeks to boost its tourism sector in a post-Covid-19 pandemic era. This is seen as an exciting news for international travelers who are seeking to visit the North African country. Effective July 10, the new eVisa is expected to make it easier for millions of travelers to visit Morocco.… Read More
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African academics express anger over new UK visa scheme

– – Some African academics and students are crying foul over the new visa scheme introduced by the United Kingdom. The new UK visa scheme designed to attract the “brightest and best” graduates from around the world does not include any African universities on its list of institutions where those degree-holders can come from. The list of eligible universities from 2021, published… Read More
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Ghana: Young innovators push for reforms in visa processing

Young innovators in Ghana have called for reforms in visa processing at various foreign embassies in the country. Gathering under a program called “innovators and migration” the young people lamented the continuous struggle in securing visa for regular and legal travels to Europe. Many of these young people are students and some just starting their own businesses but often get… Read More
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Australia denies African journalist visa for press freedom event

Australian authorities have denied a prominent Cameroonian journalist visa to attend a press freedom conference in Australia. Mimi Mefo Takambo had been invited to speak at the press freedom event but had her visa application rejected. Australia’s Department of Home Affairs had said in its rejection letter that they were “not satisified” that Mimi, had an “employment and financial situation… Read More
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Africans demand end to visa restrictions in online petition

A group of Africans has launched an online petition to have visa restrictions in Africa eliminated to ease movement across the continent. A new Visa Openness Report in Africa in June revealed that majority of African countries are still unwelcoming to Africans. In that report 51 percent of African countries still demand that Africans secure visas before visiting their territories. That… Read More
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U.S. imposes visa restrictions on Nigerian officials

The United States government on Tuesday announced that it has imposed visa restrictions on some Nigerian officials. The U.S. Department of state said the visa restrictions affect Nigerians officials alleged to have been involved in attempts to rig the 2019 presidential and local elections. These individuals whose names were not mentioned were deemed according to the US to have undermined… Read More