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EU signs agreement with Tunisia to fight illegal migration

The European Union has signed a deal with Tunisia to strategically fight illegal migration. Tunisia has become the main departure point for migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe. Announcing the deal in Tunis, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen promised increased cooperation on border management and search and rescue operations. Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni said it… Read More
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African CSOs concerned about ruling on beneficial ownership transparency

– – As European Union and African Union representatives meet on Monday 28 November 2022 to review progress following the EU-AU Summit in February, thirty-two African and European civil society organisations have raised concerns about threats to ground-breaking EU transparency measures which could impact the much that has been achieved to put in place measures to prevent and to combat… Read More
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Bitcoin Trading Connection with Austria

– – Bitcoin trading is now available in Austria through the Bitcoin Austria exchange. The service offers users the ability to buy and sell bitcoins in Austrian schillings. There is a 0.5% fee for each trade, and the minimum trade size is 10 euros. The service is available to residents of Austria over the age of 18. The quantum ai… Read More
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Greece and Portugal Golden Visa

– – If you are looking to gain EU citizenship by investing fast and easily, you won’t find better ways than the programs presented by Greece and Portugal. Both will pave a way for you and your family to the European Union passport and have rather similar investment options and waiting periods. However, it is all in the details when… Read More
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How the Euros shone a spotlight on where football is falling short

– – The European Championships is one of the most anticipated sporting events in the world. Europe’s elite come together in what becomes football’s showcase event aside from the world cup. This year, the Euros did not fail to provide plenty of action, but also managed to showcase some of the issues that are still rife in the sport. The… Read More
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Opinion: How Africa overdeveloped Europe

– – Africa. The lens through which we see and are taught about our continent shapes our understanding of, our treatment of and our relationship to it. Of course, it does. That is why history is taught through the lens of white supremacy. That teaching shapes how we think, and that we think of one nation as superior and another… Read More
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Ghana: Young innovators push for reforms in visa processing

Young innovators in Ghana have called for reforms in visa processing at various foreign embassies in the country. Gathering under a program called “innovators and migration” the young people lamented the continuous struggle in securing visa for regular and legal travels to Europe. Many of these young people are students and some just starting their own businesses but often get… Read More
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Migrants land journey to Mediterranean deadlier than on the sea

Traveling to Europe on the Mediterranean is considered deadly due to the many reports of deaths recorded on the sea. Thousands of young Africans have over the past decade drowned during boat disasters with many of them not lucky to be rescued. But it is not the journey on the sea itself that is deadlier, according to the United Nations… Read More
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African migrants would still travel to Europe despite dangers

A new study by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has revealed that African migrants who use illegal routes to travel to Europe would still do it again despite the dangers. There have been reports of many migrants dying in the Mediterranean and the desert as well as being sold into slavery in north Africa. But despite these dangers many… Read More
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Surge in trafficking of Ivorian women, girls to Europe

The International Organization for Migration has said that a high number of women and girls from Ivory Coast are being trafficked to Northern Africa and Europe. In a note to mark European Anti-Trafficking Day the IOM said there was an emerging trend of a rise in the number of women and girls crossing the Mediterranean. It said some of the… Read More