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How can Bangladesh be a suitable destination for profitable Bitcoin Activities?

– – The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is still in its early stages of development. This means that there are many opportunities for countries to attract businesses and investors in this space. Bangladesh has the potential to be a very attractive destination for Bitcoin-related businesses and activities. The bitcoin profit is one of the best platforms for increasing BTC profit.… Read More
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How can Barbados be a suitable destination for profitable Bitcoin Activities?

– – The Caribbean island of Barbados is a popular tourist destination, and its sunny climate, beautiful beaches, and friendly people make it an ideal place to visit. But what many people don’t know is that Barbados is also a great place to do business with Bitcoin. also can be visited for gaining proper tips and tricks about bitcoin… Read More
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Bitcoin Trading Connection with Austria

– – Bitcoin trading is now available in Austria through the Bitcoin Austria exchange. The service offers users the ability to buy and sell bitcoins in Austrian schillings. There is a 0.5% fee for each trade, and the minimum trade size is 10 euros. The service is available to residents of Austria over the age of 18. The quantum ai… Read More
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Bitcoin Trading Connection with Iceland

– – The bitcoin connection with Iceland is one of the strongest in the world. The country has a long history of supporting digital currencies and was one of the first to recognize the potential of Bitcoin. For more Information Visit immediate edge. Many people believe that Iceland will become the global leader in Bitcoin trading. The country has a… Read More
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Ghana to host inaugural Africa Bitcoin Conference

– – Jack Dorsey, Chairman of Block and co-founder of Twitter will attend the first Africa Bitcoin Conference happening in Accra, Ghana on 5 – 7 December 2022, as a keynote speaker. Jack Dorsey who co-founded Twitter now heads Block, a conglomerate of fintech companies housing Square, Cash App, Spiral, TIDAL, TBD. Block builds tools to make the economy more… Read More
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Insights on how to buy Bitcoin near me

– – Even if you are an experienced crypto investor, there might be some things you have yet to catch up with because the industry is evolving fast. Likewise, there is a lot to learn for newbies in crypto. Those who are interested to learn “how to buy Bitcoin near me” should know that the processes involved in using popular… Read More
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Nigerian banks closing accounts dealing with cryptocurrency

– – Nigeria’s Central Bank has told banks and other financial institutions in the country to close all cryptocurrency-related accounts. Last week the bank in a statement said all financial institutions were prohibited from facilitating crypto currency payments. “Further to earlier regulatory directives on the subject, the Bank hereby wishes to remind regulated institutions that dealing in cryptocurrencies or facilitating… Read More
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The Nigerian who returned $80K bitcoins sent him mistakenly

A Nigerian man has returned $80,000 worth of bitcoin mistakenly transferred to him. He returned the bitcoin to the owner. Keith Mali Chung is reported by Radio France Internationale to have discovered 7.8 bitcoins in his account. The bitcoins were worth $80,000 but he could not hold on to it knowing it didn’t belong to him. He reportedly tracked down… Read More
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Bitcoin and Blockchain Explained

What is Bitcoin?  Bitcoin is an online investment system where money is being saved in a digital currency using Blockchain technology. We usually express Bitcoin as a digital currency in dollars. The stored value of bitcoin fluctuates like most currencies or precious metals such as gold or silver. In the cryptocurrency marketplace, there are over 2172 cryptocurrencies operating in 10,840… Read More
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10 areas to apply Blockchain in healthcare

Many industry leaders are discussing blockchain — from the President of the United States to the Nigerian government. Despite all the global publicity, the blockchain idea still appears to be hard to get a handle on, which makes it a standout amongst the most misunderstood technological advances of 2017(1). Blockchain technology is a distributed database that allows users to share… Read More