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Sustainable Development through Mother Tongue and Multilingualism

By Yossef Ben-Meir and Ellen Hernandez When community meetings are held to determine priority development projects in villages, in neighborhoods, in schools, in agricultural fields—wherever they may take place—we want to speak the language that is spoken there, spoken every day. The idea of a person or a community of people exploring what they most want in their lives should… Read More
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KenGen Partners With TMGO On Ethiopian Geothermal Project

KenGen’s first international contract, The Tulu Moye geothermal projectis progressing steadily. As part of the project execution process, TMGO signed a contract with Kenya Electrical Generating Company (KenGen) to carry out the drilling operations on the first phase of the project. The project collaboration is meant to be a model for improved international cooperation against the negative impact of climate… Read More
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From N-power to Colony of Unemployment

Written by Femi Oluwasanmi, Ibafo, Ogun State At the inception, the introduction of N-Power scheme stands out as one of the best policies of the Federal Government under President Muhammadu Buhari with a lot of graduates been engaged through the scheme aspiring to move to the assumed next level of the programme which was interpreted to be permanent employment or… Read More
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Ukheshe appoints African director and targets continent as cashless trend gains momentum

Micro-payment platform Ukheshe, has announced the appointment of Mark Dankworth as executive director of Ukheshe Africa. This comes at a time he need for a cashless society is a rising trend and strategic global imperative. Ukheshe Africa will not only look to increase its user base but will also be identifying new business-to-business opportunities for the platform across the continent. According to Global… Read More
Tobacco Farming in Malawi Green Tech Health Advice Southern Africa 

Efforts of the Tobacco Industry in Southern Africa to Support Sustainability

The production and consumption of tobacco and tobacco products are firmly in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) regulatory crosshairs and with good reason; however, this is not likely to prevent people from smoking. While the WHO is welcome to put forward arguments and provide evidence on the dangers of exposure to tobacco smoke and use of tobacco products, it remains… Read More


Climate change for its mitigation objective is driving a new trend around the world for energy efficiency; this submits that new solutions are sought in direction of power generation and low carbon transport. Nigeria recently benefitted from UK’s Climate Fund for low carbon public transport and energy efficiency. The funds came about to propel Nigeria to further advance in this... Read More

Rwanda achieves high rank in actionaid’s scorecard

Further action needed to face food, climate crisis   October 19th, 2011 (Kigali-Rwanda) Rwanda ranks 3rd in its capacity and preparedness for the triple crisis confronting the world’s food system, according to research in 28 developing countries. The ActionAid report released today, On the Brink: Who’s best prepared for a climate and hunger crisis?, shows that Rwanda is one of... Read More