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Kenya signs duty-free trade deal with European Union

Kenya has announced that it has signed a trade deal with the European Union to give it tariff-free access to the EU market. Once ratified the deal should mean that Kenyan goods would be cheaper for European consumers, which could increase exports and create more jobs in Kenya. An EU statement noted that this was a balanced agreement, as it… Read More
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European Union lifts flight suspension to Southern Africa

– – The European Union has announced the lifting of suspension on flights to and from Southern Africa, a restriction that was put in place amid the outbreak of the omicron variant. When the restriction was imposed last year, the African Union and United Nations strongly criticized it. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and his Nigerian counterpart asked the EU… Read More
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EU will not share Covid-19 vaccines with poorer countries

The countries were seeking further clarification on the safety of the vaccine after reports of blood clots in some receivers. – – But the UK and European health officials say the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid vaccine is safe. African governments though were urged not to lose faith in Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid vaccine. African nations rely on the AstraZeneca jab since it is cheaper… Read More
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EU starts legal action against UK over Brexit deal

– – The EU has begun legal proceedings against the UK after it refused to ditch plans to override sections of its Brexit divorce deal. An EU deadline for the government to remove sections of the Internal Market Bill expired on Wednesday. The “letter of formal notice” could eventually lead to a court case against the UK at the European… Read More
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European drugs regulators approve world’s first Ebola vaccine

The world’s first Ebola vaccine was approved by European drugs regulators on Friday in a move hailed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a “triumph for public health” that would save many lives. The vaccine, developed by U.S. drugmaker Merck & Co, is already being used under emergency guidelines to try to protect people against the spread of a… Read More

On a sunny afternoon in Boston…

 Rwanda Day 2012 By: Jennifer Fierberg At the corner of Dartmouth and St. James in Boston, Massachusetts about one hundred people gathered for two separate but related reasons. On the one side were approximately a dozen supporters for President Paul Kagame of Rwanda and directly across the street just over one hundred people gathered to protest the arrival and hosting… Read More

European Union commits €53billion aid a year, make it count say NGOs

(Busan, 28/11/11) The world’s biggest aid donor, the European Union, should stand up for ambitious proposals to tackle global poverty at the Busan High Level Forum (HLF4) aid summit say NGOs. CONCORD, Europe’s Relief and Development NGO confederation present in Busan, urges European leaders to make its extensive aid programme more effective ahead of tomorrow’s summit. . Read More