Africa ‘let down’ by Busan aid agreement says ActionAid

Busana (S.Korea) Africa’s priorities were sidelined in a ‘global partnership’ launched Thursday at the fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness, in Busan, says anti-poverty agency ActionAid. In a press statement, donors did not agree a target for ending ‘tied aid’ – the practice where donor governments force countries to spend aid on their goods and services and also failed… Read More

European Union commits €53billion aid a year, make it count say NGOs

(Busan, 28/11/11) The world’s biggest aid donor, the European Union, should stand up for ambitious proposals to tackle global poverty at the Busan High Level Forum (HLF4) aid summit say NGOs. CONCORD, Europe’s Relief and Development NGO confederation present in Busan, urges European leaders to make its extensive aid programme more effective ahead of tomorrow’s summit. . Read More