The Global African Investment Summit

Letter to the Global African Investment Summit The Global African Investment Summit Savoy Hotel –London, UK, 20-21 OctoberSeptember 28, 2014. Re: Protest Against Torture, Murder and Disappearance of Rwandans inside and outside the country We welcome your decision to host the Global African Investment Summit this October on 20-21 in London. While the Summit is an important step in building a platform to bring together both public and private sectors, we understand that this summit will be blessed by some African Heads of State including President Paul Kagame of Rwanda.…

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European Union commits €53billion aid a year, make it count say NGOs

(Busan, 28/11/11) The world’s biggest aid donor, the European Union, should stand up for ambitious proposals to tackle global poverty at the Busan High Level Forum (HLF4) aid summit say NGOs. CONCORD, Europe’s Relief and Development NGO confederation present in Busan, urges European leaders to make its extensive aid programme more effective ahead of tomorrow’s summit.


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