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Zimbabwean born becomes first black to win Miss London

In May this year Zimbabwean born Vimbai Chapungu made history by winning the Miss London 2019 beauty pageant. She thus became the first black woman to hold the title. It gave Vimbai the chance to represent the city in the Miss England pageant this month. Vimbai is a student undergoing her masters degree at a top university in London. She has a passion for learning about the world and the people in it. Vimbai also hopes to use her platform as a beauty queen to create awareness about development issues…

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Rwanda: “Guilt Should Not Blind Us” to Rwanda Abuses, Says Expert

INTERVIEW By Julia Crawford The surprise June 20, 2015 arrest in London of Rwandan spy chief Karenzi Karake on a Spanish arrest warrant brought strong protest from the Rwandan government. Karake is currently free on bail, pending hearings in October on whether he should be extradited to Spain to face war crimes charges. Stephen W. Smith is professor of African studies at Duke University in the US, and a former Africa editor of leading French dailies Le Monde and Libération. In a recent Op-Ed in the New York Times he…

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Who Is Afraid Of The Rwanda Regime?

By: David Himbara The building which houses the Rwandan High Commission in London belongs to president Paul Kagame. The Rwandan government rents it from him. This is one of the case studies of good governance that Rwanda should be praised for: centralisation of assets and revenues in one place. Contrary to what some would think, this is not a case of corruption. This is how Rwanda Inc. operates. Here we are in London, UK on March 19, 2015. We are at the Rwandan High Commission in London. Four of us…

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The Global African Investment Summit

Letter to the Global African Investment Summit The Global African Investment Summit Savoy Hotel –London, UK, 20-21 OctoberSeptember 28, 2014. Re: Protest Against Torture, Murder and Disappearance of Rwandans inside and outside the country We welcome your decision to host the Global African Investment Summit this October on 20-21 in London. While the Summit is an important step in building a platform to bring together both public and private sectors, we understand that this summit will be blessed by some African Heads of State including President Paul Kagame of Rwanda.…

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John KalulangaMalmo, Sweden,

04/06/2012Ref: RPP-0001-CNK/J03-GN01-DRC/C-JKV/CD/12J03

Today is not a day for pointing fingers and trading accusations as to who is supporting who or who is fighting who in the DRC.  But it should be a day for consoling and showing our sympathy for the thousands of Congolese citizens who have been displaced and made homeless in their own country, and many forced to seek refuge in neighbouring countries. The FDLR in particular has been a source of instability in the DRC and their links with the Interahamwe   has never been broken.

Murders and gross human rights abuses have been going on in the DRC for many years but the United Nations Organisation Stabilising Mission in the RDC (MONUSCO) has been totally ineffective in controlling, let alone eradicating these abuses. This is the biggest UN force in the entire world but is also the most ineffective.


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