Tanzania courts DRC to check ‘coalition of the willing’

Tanzania’s President Jakaya Kikwete. PHOTO | FILE  Tanzania has initiated talks with neighbouring Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with a view to establishing economic and trade relations following reports of the emergence of a ‘coalition of the willing’ nations within the East African Community (EAC). The country’s minister for EAC Affairs, Mr Samuel Sitta, said Wednesday in Dar es Salaam that Tanzania had thinking hard after Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda left out the other two members from their infrastructure talks. Mr Sitta said economically, it was sensible…

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Tanzania officially renounces ‘coalition of the willing’

Dar officially renounced ‘coalition of the willing’—Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda— saying the ongoing tri-lateral talks between the countries were against the EAC protocol. TEA Graphic/Anthony Sitti  Nation Media Group IN SUMMARY In a statement issued by the ministry of East African Cooperation, Tanzania also said the ongoing tri-lateral talks between Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda were against the EAC protocol.  Defenders of this ‘coalition of the willing’ point out to an urgent need to get things moving between them, citing reported frustration by Dar which is accused of slowing down the speed…

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John KalulangaMalmo, Sweden,

04/06/2012Ref: RPP-0001-CNK/J03-GN01-DRC/C-JKV/CD/12J03

Today is not a day for pointing fingers and trading accusations as to who is supporting who or who is fighting who in the DRC.  But it should be a day for consoling and showing our sympathy for the thousands of Congolese citizens who have been displaced and made homeless in their own country, and many forced to seek refuge in neighbouring countries. The FDLR in particular has been a source of instability in the DRC and their links with the Interahamwe   has never been broken.

Murders and gross human rights abuses have been going on in the DRC for many years but the United Nations Organisation Stabilising Mission in the RDC (MONUSCO) has been totally ineffective in controlling, let alone eradicating these abuses. This is the biggest UN force in the entire world but is also the most ineffective.


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