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Police: Stop the ‘War Against Witchcraft’ in Benue

By Leo Igwe

The Advocacy for Alleged Witches urges the police and government of Benue state to arrest Daudu(Jnr) and close down the Rain of the Spirit Ministry. This statement became necessary following a proposed witch-hunting event in Makurdi on Sunday. The event titled, War Against Witchcraft, takes place at the church premises, Rain City, along Achua Road after Baptist High School, Makurdi. 

On his Facebook page, Daudu made it clear why state authorities should be concerned about the event. He stated: “WAR!!!!!!!! That witch that is tormenting your life must die, that witchcraft power that have(sic) been fighting you shall be made powerless, YOU MUST BE FREE, join us this SUNDAY16/June/2024@Raincity  along Achua road after Baptist High School, Makurdi. Time: 3 pm, don’t miss it”. 

Benue state authorities should not allow this ‘war’ to hold for the following reasons. This event will be used to incite witchcraft fears, panic, and anxieties which would lead to a breach of peace and abuses in Benue communities. As Daudu stated on his Facebook page, the purpose of the program was to ensure that supposed witches died. And who are these supposed witches? Innocent men, women and children in the communities. The program will reinforce the belief and superstition that witches exist and torment people. Meanwhile witches do not exist. Witch torment is a product of fear and ignorance. Again, witchcraft power is not recognized under Nigerian law hence witchcraft imputation is a crime.  So, the supposed ‘war against witchcraft’ will be an exercise in criminality. The Rain of the Spirit Ministry will be a crime scene on Sunday. As Dauda made clear in his post, the event will be used to sanction and sanctify allegations of witchcraft, the persecution and murder of alleged witches.

 And Benue should not allow this to happen!

Benue state has been notorious for abuses linked to witchcraft accusations. Suspected witches are attacked, tortured, lynched or murdered in cold blood. These abuses have persisted because the laws against witchcraft accusation are not enforced. Witchcraft accusers and witch persecutors are not penalized. Witch hunters and warriors like Daudu are not brought to justice. Witch hunters engage in incitement of hatred and violence against alleged witches with impunity. The Advocacy for Alleged Witches urges Benue state authorities to take necessary measures to prevent this War Against Witchcraft and other abuses linked to witchcraft beliefs and ritual attacks. Witch hunting must stop. Witch hunters must be stopped!

Leo Igwe directs the Advocacy for Alleged Witches which campaigns against witch hunting and other abuses linked to witchcraft beliefs and ritual attacks in Africa

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