Tracing missing kids in Kenya

Kenya did not have well-structured channels for reporting, tracing and reuniting missing children with their love ones and this prompted individuals to step in to provide a remedy as well create a data base of missing children that is easily accessible by the public.

Ndungu Nyoro the founder Affecto has also put his effort behind giving voice to missing children using his social Media Platforms. The results have been encouraging in most cases

“So we do it very very fast. Sometimes we are able to get children found within a day. Sometimes it takes a couple of days, but this is in solidarity with amazing organization called missing child kenya” said Ndungu.

Besides doing everything possible to find missing children, Affecto’s main mission is to help students from the lower social classes gain access to secondary education.

_”Children need to be prepared for a better future, so what we have been doing is to package them for future and one of the areas we can package is to get quality education especially children from needy background _” he further stressed.

Kenya recently joined other African countries in celebrating the Day of the African Child but this comes on the backdrop of an increased number of missing children.

Sourced from Africanews

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