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Tourism: Malawi Removes Visa Requirements

79 nationalities can now enter Malawi visa-free and cost-free      In a move which is sure to boost the country’s burgeoning tourist industry, the Malawi government has now removed the requirement for entry visas for no less than 79 nationalities around the world. In recent years, before and after the pandemic, Malawi has been emerging as one of the most complete tourist… Read More

A Case for Philosophy for Children in African Schools

  By Leo Igwe Many years ago, I came across the idea of philosophy for children, but brushed it aside. I never took it seriously because I was of the notion that philosophy was not for children. Philosophy was not a child’s play. Philosophy was for adults. But in the past few weeks, my views have been changing. I think that… Read More
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Digital payments to health workers boost retention, motivation, and impact

An immunization worker gets set up to receive her wages on her mobile wallet in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Credit: WHO Campaigns in Africa to stop polio and other diseases have a more stable, better-motivated workforce thanks to WHO’s collaboration with countries and partners to pay frontline health workers through their mobile phones instead of in cash. “Over 80… Read More