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Africa dominates list of the world’s 20 fastest-growing economies in 2024 – AfDB

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, February 18, 2024/ — Report forecasts stronger growth for Africa in 2024, outpacing projected global average; Continent is second-fastest-growing region after Asia. Africa will account for eleven of the world’s 20 fastest-growing economies in 2024, the African Development Bank Group said in its latest Macroeconomic Performance and Outlook (MEO) of the continent released on Friday. Overall, real gross… Read More
Central Africa Democratic republic Of Congo 

DR Congo: Fighting puts Goma at risk of lockdown, threatening humanitarian support for millions

Immediate action to address the escalating humanitarian crisis in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) must be taken before the situation deteriorates further, urges the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). The recent advance of armed groups towards the key town of Sake, a crucial link connecting the city of Goma to the rest of the country, poses an imminent threat to… Read More
Malawi Tourism 

Tourism: Malawi Removes Visa Requirements

79 nationalities can now enter Malawi visa-free and cost-free      In a move which is sure to boost the country’s burgeoning tourist industry, the Malawi government has now removed the requirement for entry visas for no less than 79 nationalities around the world. In recent years, before and after the pandemic, Malawi has been emerging as one of the most complete tourist… Read More
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Bridging Faiths, Preserving Legacies: The Role of Religious Communities Archives in the Preservation of Collective Memory and the Promotion of Diversity

By Soukaina KherdiouiRabat, Morocco The archives digitization project, initiated by the Diocese of Rabat in partnership with the High Atlas Foundation, is a promising endeavor, and I hope that it will enable us to amplify the work on other archival collections so as to pay tribute to the countless people who have woven these dialogues, because dialogues aren’t just about documents,… Read More
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Digital payments to health workers boost retention, motivation, and impact

An immunization worker gets set up to receive her wages on her mobile wallet in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Credit: WHO Campaigns in Africa to stop polio and other diseases have a more stable, better-motivated workforce thanks to WHO’s collaboration with countries and partners to pay frontline health workers through their mobile phones instead of in cash. “Over 80… Read More

Embracing Invincible Defense Technology for Lasting Peace

By Dr. David Leffler In the midst of the devastating toll of the Israel/Gaza war, NPR journalist Carrie Kahn recently posed a poignant question to Israeli military officer Major Doron Spielman, reflecting the collective yearning for an alternative to escalating cycles of violence. Spielman’s response, “If anyone has a better idea, I think we would love to hear it,” echoes… Read More
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Top donor Germany signs major contribution to WHO for health emergencies; signs host agreement for WHO pandemic hub

Germany deepened its longstanding engagement with WHO on Thursday with two new agreements: one to contribute a further €40 million to WHO’s work in health emergencies, and a second to host the Berlin-based WHO Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence. With the new contribution, Germany has provided €53.5 million so far this year to support WHO’s response to more than… Read More

SADC  Rejects  Zimbabwe’s  ZANU PF proposals to avoid Fresh Elections

GABORONE BOTSWANA  (MaraviPost): IT’S now not raining for ZANU PF but pouring as SADC pushed back on ZANUPF proposals with even tougher propositions as submitted by the SADC Secretariat to ZANU PF at the end of the meeting today here in GABORONE BOTSWANA , our Sources within SADC say. The ZANU PF delegation sent by President Emmerson Mnangagwa had one… Read More

Doesn’t the Catholic Church need some serious laundry?

By Pius Nyondo That, right now, the Catholic Church is being spanked by its own, is not far-fetched. Thanks, of course, to the Vatican and Pope Francis’ approved novel decree that gives a go ahead for priests to bless same sex-sex couples “as long as the blessing is not connected to the ceremony of a same-sex union.” Now, the Catholic Church… Read More