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Guilty of Being Nigerian in Ghana

Opinion By Leo Igwe The Nigerian government should look into the treatment of Nigerians in Ghana because there are reports of police harassment and extortion from Nigerians in the country. A Ghanaian friend recently shared a Facebook post on some police raids that targeted Nigerians. His post reads: “My apartment has been raided by the Ghana Police 4 times in less than a year. Whatever reason you think for this. It’s worse! The apartment used to be occupied by some Nigerian men who were tired of being harassed by the…

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Importance of Interfaith Dialogue with Humanists in Nigeria

By Leo Igwe Call it an interfaith dialogue with humanists or a humanist dialogue with people of faith. An initiative to promote understanding and acceptance among persons from faith and no-faith traditions in Nigeria is imminent. Dialogue is critical to fostering tolerant pluralism, and peace among persons of various faiths and philosophies. Dialogue does not preclude debate or criticism of other views or beliefs. Criticism and cooperation go- and can go together. Debate and dialogue are two sides of the same coin of active, productive, and progressive existence. Dialogue is…

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Murder of Pastor Shuaibu: Will Justice Be Served?

By Leo Igwe The murder of a Christian pastor in Kano has raised issues regarding justice, equity, and fairness for non-Muslims in Muslim-dominated Kano state. Muslim bloodletters killed Rev. Shuaibu over his alleged role in the conversion of a Muslim to Christianity in the area. Such horrific acts of religious extremism are not new in Kano state. Kano is one of the Muslim majority states in Northern Nigeria where sharia law is in force. Islamic theocracy prevails in the region. Kano state officially treats non-muslims as second-class citizens. Muslim extremists…

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Murder of Rev Shuaibu in Kano

Dear friends, Re: Murder of Rev Shuaibu in Kano I am writing to express our deepest sympathies following the brutal murder of Rev. Yohanna Shuaibu by an islamic mob in Kano. The horrific killing of this Christian pastor is another sordid  illustration of Islamic extremism, hatred and intolerance in the region. Unfortunately, the Gov. Ganduje-led islamist government has not helped matters. His government has continued to enable the oppression and persecution with impunity of minority religious and belief groups in the state. Kano state government has expressly failed in its…

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Stop Ritual Attacks and Killings: Ritual Money is Superstition

By Leo IgweThe Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AfAW) urges the Nigerian public to stop ritual attacks and killings because the notion of ritual money and wealth is completely baseless. AfAW is making this call following the reported arrest of suspected ritualists in Oyo state in southern Nigeria. The local media reported that members of the Western Nigeria Security Network, Amotekun, arrested suspected ritualists with the body parts of a 73-year-old man.  The suspects, who were apprehended in the Boluwaji area in Ibadan, said that a Muslim cleric, Alf Salam Salam asked them…

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How to End Witch Bloodletting in Adamawa

By Leo Igwe horrific torture witches , abuse of witches, murder of alleged witches, The Advocacy for Alleged Witches(AfAW) calls on the government and people of Adamawa to take urgent measures to end the savage treatment and killing of suspected witches in the state.  This call has become necessary following rampant cases of horrific torture, abuse, and murder of alleged witches in the region. In a recent report, the police arrested 21 persons suspected to have killed seven alleged witches in the state.   In a telephone conversation, the police public relations…

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Critical Thinking and Superstitions Among Youths in Africa

By Leo Igwe The topic of critical thinking and superstitions among young Africans can be explained using three images. First is the photo of young Nigerians in police custody holding female pants. Did they steal these pants to wear them? Not at all. They thieved the underwear hoping to use them for a ritual sacrifice that could make them rich. Other young Nigerians have been caught with human heads and private organs. Many have been arrested, prosecuted, or are at large for killing and harvesting human body parts for the…

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Imperative of Civic Engagement on Witchcraft-based Violence in Malawi

By Leo Igwe The Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AfAW) commends the Minister for Civic Education and National Unity, Mr. Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo for the efforts to combat violations and mob violence linked to witchcraft beliefs in Malawi. At a recent event in the Neno district, Mtambo urged Malawians to end witchcraft-related attacks and exorcism because jungle justice was a crime against the law. Mtambo, who was a human rights activist before joining politics, made this appeal during a civic education program on witchcraft-based violence in the country. Neno is one of the…

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Police: Stop Harassment and Intimidation of Ubani and Family

By Leo Igwe The Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AfAW) urges the Nigeria Police to stop harassing Mr. Obioma Ubani and the family. AfAW has been informed that police officers from the Zonal Headquarters in Umuahia went to arrest Mr. Ubani on August 19 2021. The officers did not meet Mr. Ubani. They went to meet the wife at a local market. The police officers asked her to collect a letter inviting the husband for questioning at the police station, but she declined. The police returned in the evening and tried…

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PRESS RELEASE: Advocacy for Alleged Witches Welcomes Sacking of Thomas Obi Tawo in Cross River

By Leo Igwe The Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AfAW) commends the government of Cross River State for sacking a notorious witch hunter and bloodletter, Mr. Thomas Obi Tawo aka General Iron. In a press statement signed by the special adviser to the governor on media and publicity, Christian Ita, the dismissal of Mr. Obi Tawo, who is the special adviser to the governor on forest security is with immediate effect. General Iron has been asked to hand over every government property in his care to the office of the chief…

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