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Leo Igwe is a Nigerian human rights advocate and humanist. Igwe is a former Western and Southern African representative of the International Humanist and Ethical Union, and has specialized in campaigning

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Two Elderly Men Beaten and Strangled to Death for Witchcraft in Benue

By Leo Igwe The Advocacy for Alleged Witches condemns the gruesome murder of Kwaghange Ugbu and Atuur Shaaja of Gwer East LGA of Benue. The murder of Ugbu and Shaaja happened less than two months after some youths attacked an alleged witch in Shangev Tiev, Konshisha LGA. According to local sources, on Wednesday, September 28, 2022, David Terseer Nongobo, 25,… Read More
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Ex-cellence Project and Psycho-social Support for Non-Religious Ex-clergies in Africa 

By Leo Igwe  The Ex-cellence Project is an initiative that provides psycho-social support to ex-clergies who are non-religious in Africa. In the spectrum of irreligious demographics, former clergies are often ignored. While it is challenging for non-clerical religious persons to abandon religion, it is far more difficult for ex-clergies, that is, former religious workers such as former bishops, priests, pastors,… Read More
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 Critical Thinking, Questionstorm and School System in Africa

By Leo Igwe Critical thinking is imperative to education and learning because it is one of the most sought-after skills in the world. So to prepare African youths for the future and to enable them to live meaningfully and address the challenges in an information-driven world, it is imperative to teach African children critical thinking skills. It is necessary to… Read More
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Humanism and Witchcraft/Tsav Allegations in Benue, Central Nigeria

By Leo Igwe The Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AfAW) is organizing its first seminar on witch persecution and superstitions in Benue Central Nigeria. Benue is a hotbed of witchcraft imputation and witch hunting because belief in the occult force called Tsav among the Tivs is pervasive. To properly situate this historic event, a local advocate explains the significance of the… Read More
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Witch Persecution and Jungle Justice in Abia State.

The Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AfAW) deplores the torture and dehumanizing treatment of Mrs. Amarachi Okechi from Umueghu in Amaegbuato autonomous community Nkpa Bende Local Government, Abia state. A video that is circulating on social media shows some youths flogging this woman while some people looked on. Family sources told AfAW that some persons accused Mrs. Okechi of witchcraft after… Read More

Opinion: People with dementia are not witches, they need care and support

By Leo Igwe The Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AfAW) has urged Nigerians to stop branding persons with dementia witches because this mental health issue has nothing to do with the superstitious belief in witchcraft and magic. This statement has become necessary following a visit to Ann Soberekon’s family in Port Harcourt Rivers state. Ann Soberekon, a grandmother and retired lab… Read More
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Muslim-Muslim Ticket: A Humanist Perspective on Real versus Idealpolitik in Nigeria

By Leo Igwe The decision by the All Progressives Congress (APC) to field a Muslim -Muslim presidential ticket in the 2023 presidential elections has generated heated debates. Various religious organizations, mainly Christian and Muslim groups have reacted to this decision. They have voiced their support and opposition to the ticket. In this piece, I provide a humanist perspective on this… Read More
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Witch Persecution and Rescue in Benue State

By Leo Igwe Someone drew the attention of the Advocacy of Alleged Witches (AfAW) to an incident of witchcraft accusation at Shangev Tiev, Konshisha LGA Benue State. One Terzungwe made a post justifying the maltreatment of the accused. He stated: “That witch in Konshisha who was attacked by the youths for killing a young man the other day deserved what… Read More

Treat Witch Persecution in Africa With Urgency

By Leo Igwe The Advocacy for Alleged Witches(AfAW) welcomes the Pontifical Mission Societies’ declaration of August 10 as the World Day Against Witch hunts. Although the catholic church is one of the drivers of this violent campaign, concerned individuals and organisations should take advantage of this day to spotlight this dark and destructive phenomenon. It is pertinent to take this… Read More
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Malawi: Invite Medical Experts Not Witch doctors to School in Mchinji

By Leo Igwe The Advocacy for Alleged Witches has urged Malawian authorities not to allow witchdoctors into Mpita Primary School in Mchinji following the fainting of some students. This appeal is in response to a suggestion by the Chairperson for the Parents Teachers Association at the institution, Lester Bamusi that the incident was perpetrated through magic. Bamusi said that a… Read More