Celebrating the 23rd Rwanda’s Heroes Day

By: John Karuranga, Rwanda Peoples Party Sweden, Malmö,  01st October 2013 Our Ref: CMH-D/23A/RPP4099/1O/13/JVK-RHD/1 Ref:  We join the Rwandan people and friends of Rwanda to celebrate the 23rd Rwanda Martyrs and Heroes’ Day. Fellow Rwandan and friends of Rwanda, in October of each year, we remember the gallantry and patriotism of all Rwandan who committed their lives to our people’s… Read More

Rwanda Peoples Party seeks assistance from Museveni of Uganda

 The Rwanda People Party (RPP) has written a letter to Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni seeking to gain his influence with President Paul Kagame of Rwanda in order to gain peace talks with opposition groups in the diaspora. The resilient and beautiful people of Rwanda deserve to be aware of all activities that opposition groups are engaging in. The letter is… Read More


Malmo, Sweden, 04/06/2012Ref: RPP-0001-CNK/J03-GN01-DRC/C-JKV/CD/12J03 Today is not a day for pointing fingers and trading accusations as to who is supporting who or who is fighting who in the DRC.  But it should be a day for consoling and showing our sympathy for the thousands of Congolese citizens who have been displaced and made homeless in their own country, and many... Read More


Gothenburg, Sweden, 2012/04/07 Our ref: RPP/01/18ARG/R01/2105/JVK/07A12-GS   Fellow Rwandan and friends of Rwanda today is 18 years since the 1994 genocide that visited our country and people. This is not a week for a political statement but for the Rwandan people to display unreservedly their unified strong stand in denouncing the grim horror of the 90 days of relentless and… Read More

Rwanda: Peaceful change is not dangerous

In an interview conducted with John V. Karuranga, President of the Rwanda Peoples Party, who lives in exile he expresses his current concerns for Rwanda and his vision of a peaceful and prosperous nation. JF: Did the interview you recently did with a local online news outlet in Rwanda reach the intended audience and what was the reaction? Yes, it… Read More

A Call to Boycott trade investment in Rwanda

  Our Ref: RPP/6799/BI/ICII/21/11/JVK/11GBI Malmo, Sweden   21/11/2011 Ref: A call to boycott trade investment in Rwanda As you are all aware Rwanda is now at a cross-roads as the people of Rwanda continue to experience the most gruesome, inhumane and degrading abuses under the current dictatorial regime of President Kagame whose wild behaviours are beyond comprehension. Indeed, these relentless man-made... Read More

The Rwanda Peoples Party calls upon the International Community to freeze President Paul Kagame’s personal-assets

Ref: RPP/PM/01/TB-PA/PK-JK/6001/10/11/JK-PK Ref: The RPP request to impose a travel ban, freezing of personal assets and other punitive measures to President Kagame Dear fellow Rwandan, well-wishers and friends of Rwanda, On behalf of my party, the Rwanda People’s Party, we would like to remind you about the continued miseries that have been subjected upon the people of Rwanda since 1959.… Read More