Fragile Burundi Casts a Wary Eye on Rwanda

  A rally for President Pierre Nkurunziza in Cibitoke, Burundi, near the border with Rwanda. Mr. Nkurunziza’s aides accuse Rwanda of tacitly aiding his enemies.CreditTyler Hicks/The New York Times KIGALI, Rwanda — Burundi and Rwanda can seem deceptively like conjoined twins. They share a common history, geography and language, and their populations are divided ethnically between Hutu and Tutsi. Both were devastated by some of the worst mass slaughter of the 20th century. Since the guns fell silent, they have charted very different courses as they try to move beyond their bloody pasts. But…

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Rwanda reacts to UK arrest of top spy chief Karake: “lunacy”

File photo (2001) of Col Emmanuel Karenzi Karake, in Pweto, Rwanda with UK Col British Army Colonel Simon Caraffi (r) AFP PHOTO/MONUC   By Laura Angela Bagnetto Rwanda’s foreign minister reacted swiftly on social media on Tuesday, saying the arrest of the director general of Rwanda’s National Intelligence and Security service was “lunacy”.   Rwanda: Arrest of Emmanuel Karenzi Karake   Listen (03:47)     23/06/2015   “Western solidarity in demeaning Africans is unacceptable!! It is an outrage to arrest Rwandan official based on pro-genocidaires lunacy!” tweeted Foreign Minister Louise Mushikiwabo.…

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Rwanda: The Victims Who Weren’t Commemorated

By Andy Piascik.   A solemn ceremony was held in Rwanda last month to mark the 20thanniversary of the mass killings in that country in 1994. Corporate media from the United States and the rest of the world covered the event in some depth, underscoring the horrible deaths of hundreds of thousands killed by the state and Hutu civilians. Dignitaries and politicians from around the world, including several from the United States, attended a commemorative event that included an emotional reenactment of the bloodletting.   Entirely uncommented on was the sickening…

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Rwandan Genocide: Not the first nor last in Africa

Over half a million perished during the Rwandan genocideExactly 20 years ago today, things had fallen apart in Rwanda, for the next 100 days after 7 April, 300 people, mostly Tutsi’s, died per hour. The final tally: about a million dead, rape ruled so did the Machetes.

To sum it quickly, The Hutus came to Rwanda before the Tutsis, The Hutus are darker and shorter while the Tutsis are taller and light complexioned.

The Germans and the Belgians that were stealing resources from Rwanda back in the day favoured the Tutsis for their looks. It was classic divide and rule tactics. In 1935, the Belgians actually created Identity cards that listed Rwandans as Tutsi or Hutu or Twa.

The Hutus were in majority in Rwanda and they felt insulted at the Belgians championing the Tutsis, its why in 1959 they sampled genocide waters and killed a few Tutsi and sent hundreds into exile.

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20 years on, France confronts Rwandan genocide

 Captain Pascal SimbikangwaThe first French trial of a Rwandan accused of involvement in the genocide of 1994 opened in Paris on Tuesday. The Rwandan justice minister called it a “positive sign”, while the plaintiffs hailed it as a “historic” event.

He appeared in the court room in his wheelchair.

54-year-old Pascal Simbikangwa (pictured, above), a paraplegic since 1986, is charged with complicity in genocide and crimes against humanity in Rwanda. He stands accused of inciting and organising the massacres, which resulted in 800,000 deaths in just 100 days, from April to July 1994.


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Kagame’s Mass Atrocities in Rwanda and the Congo

Paul Kagame Of RwandaOn 17th August 2012 counsel for several Rwandan and Congolese (DRC) political and civil organizations, delivered a complaint to the Prosecutor of the ICC concerning crimes allegedly committed by the current President of Rwanda Paul Kagame which are within the jurisdiction of the ICC. (3)

The complaint filed included UN reports dating back to 1994 concerning Kagame’s mass atrocities in Rwanda and Congo. These reports, two of which were suppressed by the UN and the prosecutors of the ICTR (4), are just a small sample of the extensive and overwhelming evidence which exists in the possession of the ICTR prosecutors that establish that serious crimes against humanity and war crimes were committed by Kagame and his Ugandan and western allies in Rwanda and Congo since 1990.

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“We sacrifice more than people realize for this cause”

A conversation with Dr. Gerald Gahima By Jennifer Fierberg Recently at a conference sponsored by the Royal African Society in London and organized by Dr. Phil Clark, Professor at London University,  numerous academics presented research works on a variety of topics regarding the state of Rwanda under twenty years of post-conflict governance under the Rwandan Patriotic Front since the 1994 Genocide. Topics of the conference ranged from agricultural issues, youth in Rwanda, political opposition and peace building. Due to the nature of the conference, being an academic conference, no direct…

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When two Presidents are murdered and the UN remains silent

By: Jennifer Fierberg Nineteen years ago today the Falcon 50 Jet carrying two heads of state in Central Africa was shot down by a surface to air missile. Presidents Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda and Cyprian Ntaryamira of Burundi were both killed along with their aides and the French crew members. Theories and testimonies of how and why this happened have been surfacing since the day it happened. Numerous reports such as THE MUTSINZI REPORT, Marc Trevidic’s report, Judge Bruguière’s Report, as well as theories about the missing black box and…

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Gothenburg, Sweden, 2012/04/07 Our ref: RPP/01/18ARG/R01/2105/JVK/07A12-GS   Fellow Rwandan and friends of Rwanda today is 18 years since the 1994 genocide that visited our country and people. This is not a week for a political statement but for the Rwandan people to display unreservedly their unified strong stand in denouncing the grim horror of the 90 days of relentless and inexorable attacks and assaults that was inflicted on our country and people. One million people, all innocent, the defenseless and downtrodden were brutally murdered by the government that was supposed…

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