President Obama’s Visit And Africa’s Second Uhuru

[Open Letter To President Obama] Dear Mr. President, Your trip to Africa this week presents a legacy-defining opportunity. President George W. Bush is remembered for the billions of dollars he made available to fight HIV/Aids; a program which has continued under your administration. Bill Clinton, while decried for allowing genocide in Rwanda, is also hailed for the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), the preferential trade deal that allows some duty free exports from participating African countries to the U.S.; this program was also recently renewed by Congress under your administration. Mr. President,…

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Obama lied and six-million Congolese have died

           By: Jennifer Fierberg When President Barack Obama came into office he rode in on the white horse of the “Obama Law.” Many activist and journalist breathed hope that President Obama would bring change to Central Africa by the strategic and specific law set forth by Mr. Obama as well as Hillary Clinton known as Public Law 109-456 in which they clearly wrote: “The Secretary of State is authorized to withhold assistance made available under the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 (22 U.S.C. 2151 et seq.),…

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Rwandan Genocide: Not the first nor last in Africa

Over half a million perished during the Rwandan genocideExactly 20 years ago today, things had fallen apart in Rwanda, for the next 100 days after 7 April, 300 people, mostly Tutsi’s, died per hour. The final tally: about a million dead, rape ruled so did the Machetes.

To sum it quickly, The Hutus came to Rwanda before the Tutsis, The Hutus are darker and shorter while the Tutsis are taller and light complexioned.

The Germans and the Belgians that were stealing resources from Rwanda back in the day favoured the Tutsis for their looks. It was classic divide and rule tactics. In 1935, the Belgians actually created Identity cards that listed Rwandans as Tutsi or Hutu or Twa.

The Hutus were in majority in Rwanda and they felt insulted at the Belgians championing the Tutsis, its why in 1959 they sampled genocide waters and killed a few Tutsi and sent hundreds into exile.

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Clinton, Kagame and M23

The recent course of events in the Democratic Republic of Congo have brought together African and Western politicians, with probably shared interests, in unconventional circumstances and ways. These meetings started with M23 mutinies deserting the FARDC and then attacking North Kivu province of Eastern Congo from their positions close to the Ugandan border. Though the M23 rebellion only gathered momentum towards the end of June and early July, preparations for war had started much earlier. That explains how the UN Group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of Congo was…

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