“People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people”

By Jennifer Fierberg In a recent four day trip to Washington DC, meetings and interviews filled my schedule during the US African Leader Summit. Fifty heads of state from Africa descended upon DC to discuss topics of growth, infrastructure, food security, trade and various other political topics. President Obama made it clear that there would be no private meetings between… Read More

The African Leader Obama Shouldn’t Invite

When President Obama holds an historic meeting with African leaders this week, one guest will be especially awkward: Rwanda’s increasingly authoritarian president, Paul Kagame. Unless the United States wants to wink at assassinating adversaries, stifling opposition and subverting neighboring nations, Kagame should be stricken from the guest list. Since Kagame won a second seven-year term in 2010 with a reported… Read More

Obama lied and six-million Congolese have died

           By: Jennifer Fierberg When President Barack Obama came into office he rode in on the white horse of the “Obama Law.” Many activist and journalist breathed hope that President Obama would bring change to Central Africa by the strategic and specific law set forth by Mr. Obama as well as Hillary Clinton known as Public… Read More