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Ethnic clashes kill dozens in Ethiopia

– – Dozens of people have reportedly been killed in western Ethiopia following an outbreak of ethnic violence. Rebels from the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) have reportedly attacked remote villages where ethnic Amharas live. Several homes have been set ablaze in the violence which begun on Saturday. The regional government has also blamed the OLA government for the violence. In… Read More
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Why South Africa is a very violent country

– – Latest statistics in South Africa showed a very worrying trend of a surge in crime rates, with officials describing the country as very violent. According to the police, murder cases had increased by almost 21% this year when compared to the same period last year. When it came to sexual violence, 10,000 people were raped in the three… Read More
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Ghana: Over 25 women murdered by abusive partners

– – The Network for Women’s Rights in Ghana (NETRIGHT) has said that more than 25 women have been killed by abusive partners in homes, hotels and farms between January and August this year. The group said the women are either stabbed, poisoned, shot, strangled, clubbed, or battered to death. In a statement to demand an immediate action from government, NETRIGHT… Read More
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Somalia: Fighting erupts after president extends his tenure

– – Fighting broke out on Sunday in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu following the decision by President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed to extend his stay in power. Soldiers loyal to his government and those opposed to him clashed with residents in the capital saying they heard gunfire across the city. The spark of violence signals the dire political crisis Somalia which could… Read More
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Guinea: Tension heightens after Alpha Condé secures third term

“We are still going to refer the matter to the constitutional court, without having too many expectations,” Mr Diallo told Agence France-Presse. – – He added that “We are going to protest against this electoral hold-up through the street. We are in the process of building a case, which is very difficult since our office is occupied, we don’t have… Read More
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Namibians demonstrate against gender-based violence

– – Hundreds of Namibians on Thursday hit the streets of the country’s capital Windhoek to demonstrate against recent cases of gender-based violence. They have demanded investigations and prosecution of persons who perpetuated the violence. It follows the discovery of the body of a woman in a shallow grave in Walvis Bay, south-west of the country. Hundreds of citizens have… Read More
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Burundi: 4 journalists charged with undermining state security

Burundian authorities have charged four journalists on Saturday with a crime of undermining state security. The journalists were arrested this week as Burundi’s government continues to clamp down on journalists and human rights groups. According to local media reporting the journalists from a local news website outlet, Iwacu had travelled to report on violence in the northwestern province of Bubanza.… Read More
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500,000 Burkinabes flee their homes due to violence

The United Nations has said that about 500,000 people have been forced to flee their homes in Burkina Faso due to jihadist violence since January this year. The global body said many of those who fled their homes were from two regions of Burkina Faso. Those regions have been hit by ethnic and jihadist violence, increasing more than six-fold since… Read More
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Sierra Leone: President’s bodyguards attack Journalists

Sierra Leone’s government has said it will be constituting a committee to investigate the alleged attack on three local journalists. The journalists were “beaten” by presidential bodyguards in an attack at a football match. The Sports Writers Association of Sierra Leone said in a statement on Monday that two female TV commentators and another reporter were attacked while covering a… Read More

Australian troops remember Kibeho massacre in Rwanda

“The killing just went on and on right in front of us. None were spared, not even the babies on their mother’s backs.” It’s been 20 years since Terry Pickard witnessed the Kibeho massacre in Rwanda. It is, to this day, something that affects his life. “At least twice a week I have nightmares which wake me up,” he writes… Read More