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Kenyan woman ‘ridiculed’ for marrying disabled man

– – A Kenyan woman, Susan Njogu Eling has spoken about how she was ridiculed for her decision to marry a disabled Australian man. Susan Njogu Eling three years ago married Philip Eling who was born with muscular dystrophy – a disease that causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass. Susan told the BBC that she was called a gold-digger for her decision to marry her husband after photos of their wedding were shared online. The Kenyan first moved to Australia and enrolled for a diploma in working with…

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Australia denies African journalist visa for press freedom event

Australian authorities have denied a prominent Cameroonian journalist visa to attend a press freedom conference in Australia. Mimi Mefo Takambo had been invited to speak at the press freedom event but had her visa application rejected. Australia’s Department of Home Affairs had said in its rejection letter that they were “not satisified” that Mimi, had an “employment and financial situation [that would] provide an incentive to return following [their] stay in Australia or to abide by the conditions to which the visa would be subject”. The journalist who now works…

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Australian troops remember Kibeho massacre in Rwanda

“The killing just went on and on right in front of us. None were spared, not even the babies on their mother’s backs.” It’s been 20 years since Terry Pickard witnessed the Kibeho massacre in Rwanda. It is, to this day, something that affects his life. “At least twice a week I have nightmares which wake me up,” he writes in his book Combat Medic. “I get the occasional flashback but try and remove myself from anything that might cause them. I don’t go to the butcher or the dump…

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