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Man runs 90km marathon to propose to a woman

– – A South African man decided to run a 90km marathon as a sign of his love to a woman he desires to marry. The 57-year-old man, identified as Joseph Kagiso Ndlovu went the extra mile to prove his love for this woman. His action has set online users on a frenzy with his action trending on social media.… Read More
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Here are the reasons why women moan during sex

– – Women make noise, even when they are having sex. Some women may also shout and scream in bed. And if you recollect your memories of any lovemaking scene from the movies, you will have the woman moan over and over again as the scene gets hotter. So what makes women moan during sex? Why Do Girls Moan During Sex? Ever… Read More
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Kenyan woman ‘ridiculed’ for marrying disabled man

– – A Kenyan woman, Susan Njogu Eling has spoken about how she was ridiculed for her decision to marry a disabled Australian man. Susan Njogu Eling three years ago married Philip Eling who was born with muscular dystrophy – a disease that causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass. Susan told the BBC that she was called a… Read More
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5 little habits to make life better

Making wholesale changes to your life is difficult. It’s great to have a long term dream, whether it relates to a personal goal or a professional one. The only drawback is that making your long term dreams come true takes time, and we could all use a few smaller, simple things to keep us motivated while we’re working on them.… Read More
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#Umjolowithazola: The hashtag helping South Africans find love

Finding a life partner or lover has evolved tremendously across generations and centuries. Often people have to find love by meeting face to face with potential suitors. But with the emergence of digital media platforms finding love has taken a whole new format. In South Africa, a social media personality launched a hashtag called #Umjolowithazola to help people find lovers.… Read More
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Man stands in plane for SIX HOURS so wife can sleep

A man had to stand in a plane to allow for his supposed wife to lie across three seats to sleep. Image of the development which was shared on social media has provoked outrage. Courtney Lee Johnson, a life coach from Indiana shared the image on his twitter account. He claimed the unidentified man stood in the aisle of the… Read More