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South Africa: Man killed after police shot into student protesters

– – One man has been killed during a protest by students at the University of Witwatersrand on Wednesday. South African police had fired rubber bullets and stun grenades to disperse the protesters who are demanding changes to registration and financial aid policies. The man killed wasn’t a student, according to officials. The man was caught in the crossfire right… Read More
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How 3 ladies realized they were dating same man via twitter

– – Three ladies with the help of the social media platform twitter have found out that they have been dating the same man for months. The said womanizer was exposed after one of the ladies who claimed to be dating him posted a picture of the two on Twitter. The twitter user, Kevin Emmilie first shared the photo of… Read More
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Kenyan man who woke up in morgue now dies for real

– – A Kenyan man who “came back to life” in a morgue sparking shock among Kenyans has now been reported dead, according to local media. Last week the man was reported to be critically ill and declared dead but regained consciousness at the morgue. The man called Peter Kigen, 32 had collapsed in his house and was rushed to… Read More
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Nigeria: Man kills wife for not breastfeeding baby

A 40-year-old Nigerian man, Kingsley Madukwe, has allegedly killed his own wife for refusing to breastfeed their one month old baby. He was arrested by police of Nigeria’s Ogun State Police Command for committing the crime. Madukwe reportedly beat his wife, Glory Madukwe, to death when she allegedly refused to breastfeed the crying baby. Police say the suspect, a motorcycle… Read More
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Man stands in plane for SIX HOURS so wife can sleep

A man had to stand in a plane to allow for his supposed wife to lie across three seats to sleep. Image of the development which was shared on social media has provoked outrage. Courtney Lee Johnson, a life coach from Indiana shared the image on his twitter account. He claimed the unidentified man stood in the aisle of the… Read More
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Man loses wife to his pastor who presided over their wedding

A Ugandan businessman is reportedly in distraught after his wife of 26 years left him to be with a pastor that presided over their wedding. The man and his wife have had five children during the period of their marriage. John Kanyua is reported by the Daily Monitor to be shocked that “someone who supported them during their young days… Read More