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Gambia’s Fatou Baldeh to receive 2024 Women’s Rights Award

Gambian women’s rights activist Fatou Baldeh will be honored with the Geneva Summit Women’s Rights Award later this month. She has been campaigning to end female genital mutilation, a practice that she survived and now dedicates herself to ending. Baldeh will receive the prestigious prize on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, at the annual Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy, a cross-regional… Read More
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Ghana criminalises witchcraft accusations and abuse of victims

For centuries most African countries including Ghana have struggled with the practice of witchcraft accusations. Often elderly women risk banishment, physical abuse and sometimes lynched once they are accused of being a witch. Ghana’s parliament last Friday passed a bill into law to protect such vulnerable people. The new law makes witchcraft accusation and the abuse of victims a crime.… Read More
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Malawi convicts Chinese national over child- racist content

A Chinese national has been convicted by a Malawian court for trafficking and procuring children to take part in entertainment. Lu Ke, also known as Susu, has been handed a 12-month prison sentence, which he has already served in police custody. He has been ordered to leave the country within seven days and is barred from ever returning. Lu Ke… Read More
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Ghanaian lawmakers debate anti-LGBTQ bill

Ghanaian lawmakers on Wednesday started debating an anti-LGBTQ bill that is meant to tighten restrictions around gay activities and rights. The promotion of proper sexual human rights and the Ghanaian family values bill, is being sponsored by some Members of Parliament and not the government but has support of religious bodies. Should the bill be passed in to law it… Read More
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Ghana jails two women for lynching 90-year-old accused of witchcraft

A court in Ghana has sentenced two women to 12 years imprisonment for their roles in the murder of a 90-year-old women in 2020. The two women, Hajia Mohammed Serena and Latifa Bomaye were instrumental in the lynching of the elderly woman, Akua Denteh at Kafaba in the Savannah Region. The two convicts were charged with attempted murder and murder.… Read More
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Morocco to recall ambassador to Sweden after Quran burning row

Morocco is recalling its ambassador to Sweden. It follows the burning of a Koran at a demonstration in Stockholm. The development came at a time when Muslims were celebrating the Eid-al Adha. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rabat called the action offensive and irresponsible. The organiser of the demonstration – who’s said to be Iraqi-born Salwan Momik – is… Read More
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Ghanaian protesters storm parliament over sanitary pad tax

Some disgruntled Ghanaians stormed Ghana’s parliament on Thursday to demand the removal of taxes on sanitary pads. The high cost of sanitary pads, according to the campaigners, is causing absenteeism among girls in school and hygiene issues for the rural poor. Security officers stopped the protesters, who were clad in red and holding placards. They were chanting “we want free… Read More
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Outrage as middle-aged woman in Tanzania rapes 8 year- old boy

There is outrage in Tanzania after a middle-aged woman was found to have raped an eight-year-old boy. The woman is also accused of infecting the boy with sexually transmitted diseases. Desderia Mbwelwa, 57, has been sentenced to 29 years in prison at a court on Friday but details of the verdict have not been widely reported until now. On the… Read More
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Why Namibia has banned prison officers from having tattoos

Namibian prison authorities have announced a ban on recruitment of officers who have tattoos on their bodies. Persons with visible tattoos on their skins would no longer get the chance to join the service, local media has reported. According to officials the measure is to protect the image of the prisons following concerns that certain tattoos worn by prison officers may… Read More
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Malawi schools to admit students with dreadlocks after court order

A court in Malawi has ordered education authorities to admit learners with dreadlocks in the country’s public schools. The high court, sitting in the eastern city of Zomba, was ruling on a petition brought by two Rastafarian students. They were refused admission to public schools in 2016 and 2010. The two learners have, however, been attending school after they obtained… Read More