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Ghana criminalises witchcraft accusations and abuse of victims

For centuries most African countries including Ghana have struggled with the practice of witchcraft accusations. Often elderly women risk banishment, physical abuse and sometimes lynched once they are accused of being a witch. Ghana’s parliament last Friday passed a bill into law to protect such vulnerable people. The new law makes witchcraft accusation and the abuse of victims a crime.… Read More
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Ghana jails two women for lynching 90-year-old accused of witchcraft

A court in Ghana has sentenced two women to 12 years imprisonment for their roles in the murder of a 90-year-old women in 2020. The two women, Hajia Mohammed Serena and Latifa Bomaye were instrumental in the lynching of the elderly woman, Akua Denteh at Kafaba in the Savannah Region. The two convicts were charged with attempted murder and murder.… Read More
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Has Witchcraft Become Forbidden Topic in African Schools?

 By Leo Igwe This question has become pertinent given recent developments in the course of arranging a lecture for a guest professor from the US. This professor who holds a master’s degree in public health and another in education is visiting Nigeria and agreed to deliver some lectures for free on witchcraft accusations and public health in Africa. I thought… Read More
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Nigerian ‘witchcraft conference’ sparks outrage

A conference meant to discuss issues related to witchcraft in a Nigerian University has sparked outrage. The two-day event being organised by the University of Nigeria in Nsukka in the eastern state of Enugu has angered community members largely dominated by Christians. Protests were staged by religious groups mainly Christians and Muslims. It forced the academic conference to change the… Read More