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Two iconic women to help scale Africa’s best startup firms

– Advertisement – Telecel Group’s Africa Startup Initiative Program (ASIP) Accelerator powered by Startupbootcamp AfriTech today announced the creation of an industry advisory board to attract highly-regarded executives with a passion for supporting African startups. The founding members of the board are two accomplished female leaders who bring 55 years of combined experience – Eleanor Azar and Dale Mathias have been appointed as Director and Advisor to the Board respectively. ASIP offers several programs to support earlier stage African startups whose innovative ideas are making a profound difference in their communities, with the aim of helping…

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Nigeria: Several university students kidnapped in fresh attack

– Advertisement – Several university students have been kidnapped in the south-eastern Nigerian state of Abia. Reports say the students of the Abia State University Uturu were moving in a minivan when they ran into the armed gang. According to the authorities in Umuahia, they were kidnapped alongside other travellers. Their kidnapping coincides with the release of some 29 students seized last month in the north-western state of Kaduna, reportedly after the payment of a ransom. A statement by the Information Commissioner John Kalu said two of the students escaped from…

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Morocco recalls ambassador to Germany over territorial dispute

– Advertisement – Morocco has recalled its ambassador in Berlin over the disputed Western Sahara territory. The North African country is accusing Germany of being involved in hostile actions that would harm the interests of the country. In a statement, Morocco cited Germany’s “destructive attitude” and “antagonistic activism” regarding its actions that followed the US decision to recognise Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara. Last year, Germany called a UN Security Council meeting to discuss the issue after former US President Donald Trump said Washington recognised Moroccan control on the disputed territory. Morocco…

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27 kidnapped Nigerian students freed

– – 27 students abducted from a forestry college in the Nigerian state of Kaduna have been freed. They were among 39 students abducted from their dormitories by armed criminal gangs in March. Some of them have already been released by the criminal gangs. The release of the remaining captives follows a protest by their distraught families outside the Nigerian parliament in the capital Abuja demanding more action from the authorities to rescue them. The college students were held for nearly two months by the gunmen and their release will be a…

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Africa’s oldest human burial site uncovered in Kenya

– – A team of researchers on Wednesday announced that they have uncovered Africa’s oldest human burial site in Kenya. The site has a child no older than three laid to rest sideways in an earthen grave 78,000 years ago. The child’s legs were carefully tucked up against its tiny chest, signalling the earliest known human burial on the continent. The scientists say the sunken pit was discovered in a cave complex along the coast of Kenya. Ornaments, offerings or ochre-coloured clay carvings were found in the region’s more recent…

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Betting and porn websites are the most visited by Ghanaians

– – The number of people using the internet continues to grow every year in Ghana. The 2021 digital report of Datareportal revealed that there were 70 million internet users in Ghana as at January 2021. The number of internet users in the country has also increased by 943 thousand (+6.4%) between 2020 and 2021. For many the internet is where they live most parts of their lives, transacting business, linking up with family and friends and accessing information. In Ghana however there is an emerging trend of Ghanaians mostly…

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Water in Lake Malawi turns green

– – The water in Lake Malawi has turned green in a rare phenomenon that has raised concerns among citizens. Authorities in the country have explained that the greening of the water was caused by a bloom in toxic algae. Forestry and Natural Resources Minister Nancy Tembo said that occurred after heavy rains and wind mixed up the nutrients found at the bottom of the lake. She said the lake had become eutrophic – a condition where aquatic life begin to die off as oxygen levels reduce. The minister has…

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25-year-old Malian woman gives birth to nine babies

– – Malians have been thrown into a state of shock following news of a woman giving birth to nine babies at a go. The rare case of Halima Cisse, 25, giving birth to five girls and four boys has surprised many and attracted attention. Mali’s health minister said in a statement that the woman gave birth to the babies in a Moroccan hospital where she was admitted. Health Minister Fanta Siby said in a statement that the deliveries were done through Caesarean section. She congratulated the medical teams in Mali…

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Ghana: Angry citizens urge their government to #FixTheCountry

– – Ghanaians have been loud on social media demanding improved governance from their political leaders. Many of them who are angry with their standard of living have been tweeting with the hashtag #FixTheCountry. They want the government to fix the economy and provide basic essential social amenities which have been lacking across the country. The hashtag #FixTheCountry has been trending since the start of the week after new taxes were announced resulting in increased fuel prices. You’ll pay more for data to help fund NHIS. But while hospitals struggled…

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