The fight between Malawi President and his Vice President will have no winner

By Mapwiya Muulupale “We learned about honesty and integrity – that the truth matters… that you don’t take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules… and success doesn’t count unless you earn it fair and square.” – Michelle Obama Scheduled for today’s talk was an interrogation of President Lazarus Chakwera’s performance from 2020 to date, using the same… Read More
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OPINION FROM BANTU SAUNDERS JUMAH : Malawi  Vice President Saulos Chilima should be arrested immediately

Trying to use the Biblical principle of the most powerful Samson of uprooting and destroying all beacons and foundations of the Temple in an attempt to kill anyone and everyone inside the Temple is the philosophy Vice President is using to destroy all Tonse government alliance partners. For two solid years Vice President and his boss did their best to… Read More
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Why Malawi’s president stripped his deputy of powers

– – Malawi’s President Lazarus Chakwera has stripped his Vice-President Saulos Chilima of all his delegated powers. The decision was taken by the President after Chilima was named in a $150m corruption scandal involving government contracts. According to a report by the country’s Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), the vice president and other 52 current and former officials had received money from… Read More
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Global Politics Has Changed After Benefit and Donald Trump, “Africa Leaders are Warned”

Fellow comrades, I have been on the road having no space to contribute to the important issues of our continent and motherland Malawi. On this short note I would like to accuse politicians who when pestered they go on the platform to start roaring as Lions and begin to threaten that they will reveal thieves and corrupt moguls. This is… Read More

Malawi’s Vice President Saulos Chilima to tee-off in support of ailing journalist Limbani Moya

Malawi's Vice President Saulos Chilima has joined hands with Friends of Limbani, a taskforce of professionals in various fields, to raise funds in support of ailing veteran journalist Limbani Moya. Moya was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2012 and has since then been undergoing treatment at various hospitals in the country and South Africa. He currently goes for dialysis at... Read More

Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima appears to be implicated in the famed “CashGate” Scandals

LILONGWE (AGV) -- Malawi vice president Saulos Chilima has been implicated in the cashgate scandal, Malawi's historical fraud which saw over US$100 million of public money getting lost in inexplicable means between 2012 and 2013. Chilima had tight business links with one Maxwell Namata, one of the big fishes considered to have played major roles in the scam when he... Read More

Mutharika picks marketer as running mate as candidates begin presenting nomination ahead of Malawi May polls

Blantyre, Malawi, Feb. 10 (AGV) _ Opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential candidate in Malawi's May 20 elections Prof. Peter Mutharika has picked marketer Saulos Chilima, as his running mate. Chilima, 41, is the Managing Director of the mobile phone company, Airtel Malawi. "The elections this year I think they will be crucial for the future of this country, it... Read More