Malawi OP-ED 

Time to accept the truth that Malawi is a Constitutional democracy

Condemning the innocent or letting the wicked go—both are hateful to the Lord. Only someone with no sense would promise to be responsible for someone else’s debts. —  Proverbs 17:15,18 If media reports and rumors are verifiable, someone needs to tell the Director of ACB Martha Chizuma that in a democracy it is not only okay but the right thing… Read More

Talking Blues: Of monkeys, Malawi leaders, rubble and a ‘British Suspect’

By Mapwiya Muulupale “I am just as frustrated as you are to hear that the British suspect recently visited Malawi and none of the agencies actively investigating him here noticed, thus missing a golden opportunity to make progress on the matter,” President Chakwera, 31 May 2022 In an experiment, five monkeys were placed in a cage. A ladder with some… Read More
Malawi OP-ED 

Talking Blues: Déjà vu, we should have seen this coming

By Mapwiya Muulupale The second signal that President Lazarus Chakwera had elected to follow the course of his predecessors came on 17 January 2021. In his second Covid19 national address, he clearly stated that due to the Covid19 pandemic, Malawians should forget all campaign promises. As a reminder, • World Health Organization (WHO) declared Covid19 a Public Health Emergency of… Read More
Joyce Banda Malawi Southern Africa 

Malawi: Joyce Banda’s Political Party disintegrating as she continues her self-imposed exile

An enormous exodus in the former governing Peoples Party (PP) rages on, with most key figures leaving the Party to join other political parties after a leadership crisis. Many blame the exodus to her long self-imposed exile that happened as soon as she lost the elections in 2014 and migrated to South Africa where she has lived since then.  … Read More

Joyce Banda lost elections because she took people’s goodwill for granted

William Gumede, author of Thabo Mbeki and the Battle for the Soul of the ANC Recently wrote a piece for The Guardian’s “Comment is Free” on why he thinks “ Obama has let Africa down.” Unfortunately, there is still a section of Africans who think Obama owes the continent something simply because his father was from Kenya. Yet, Obama is... Read More

Malawi’s Mutharika rules out war with Tanzania over disputed lake but insists ‘lake issue is non-negotiable’

Blantyre, Malawi, Aug. 12 (Raphael Tenthani/AGV) _ Malawi President Peter Mutharika Tuesday ruled out going to war with neighbouring Tanzania over the disputed border over Lake Malawi but insisted the issue of the lake, Africa's third largest fresh-water lake, is non-negotiable. Read More

It’s official! It’s Peter Mutharika new Malawi President

BLANTYRE, May 30 (Marapost) – Its official! Its Peter Mutharika. The embattled Malawi Electoral Commission on Friday declared Mutharika the winner of the 2014 disputed poll, after he bagged 1,904,398 votes against his runners-up Lazarus Chakwera of the Malawi Congress Party, who got 1,455,880 votes.  Mutharika’s win was by 36.4 percent, while Chakwera trailed at 27.8 percent. Read More

Bated breath as Malawians wait court ruling, results announcement

BLANTYRE, May 30 (AGV) –Malawians are under bated breath as they await the high court  ruling  on Friday after the end of hearing of submissions in a case which will determine whether the Malawi Electoral Commission has powers to extend the period in which it can announce the results or recount the votes following an electoral dispute that has damaged the reputation... Read More

Court nullifies Malawi president’s suspension of elections

Blantyre, Malawi; May 25(AGV) _ The High Court in Blantyre has set aside President Joyce Banda's proclamation to nullify Tuesday's closely fought elections. "I hereby grant a stay order against the presidential proclamation stopping the elections on the account that she does not have powers under the Constitution to stop the elections," ruled High Court judge Kenyatta Nyirenda in Blantyre Saturday... Read More

Malawi President Joyce Banda demands manual vote recount, alleges ‘massive rigging’

Blantyre, Malawi, May 22 (AGV) _ Malawi President Joyce Banda, facing possible defeat at the polls, Thursday demanded a manual recount of the Tuesday vote "in order to have a free and fair election". Speaking from her official Kamuzu Palace in the capital, Lilongwe, Banda alleged that the election was being rigged. “It has come to my attention that there... Read More