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Malawi: Joyce Banda’s Political Party disintegrating as she continues her self-imposed exile

An enormous exodus in the former governing Peoples Party (PP) rages on, with most key figures leaving the Party to join other political parties after a leadership crisis. Many blame the exodus to her long self-imposed exile that happened as soon as she lost the elections in 2014 and migrated to South Africa where she has lived since then.


Just over the weekend the PP’s former cabinet minister Halima Daudi, defected to the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP).


To add to the exodus, former administrative secretary Rev. Peter Kaleso, also joined the small Umodzi Party (UP), for the same reasons of the leadership vacuum created by the Party’s founder, former President Joyce Banda.


Banda left the country in July 2014 following her defeat in the tripartite election that ushered in incumbent Malawi leader, President Arthur Peter Mutharika. She has been living in the self-imposed exile in the United States.


When contacted the MCP being her political destination, Daudi could not deny, nor confirm the reports. She however, said the PP’s Secretary-General Noah Chimpeni, was the right person to respond on her resignation.

On his part, SG Chimpeni indicated that the PP has not been given any resignation letters from Daudi and Kaleso; he said he is seeing these developments on the social media platforms.

“I just read that Daudi attended an MCP rally, not necessarily that she has completely joined the Party. Maybe, they will communicate to us, but as of now, it’s difficult for me to comment further on that,” said Chimpeni.

Commenting on the defection, MCP Second deputy Secretary-General Eisenhower Mkaka, said it was good news that is joining Daudi the MCP, and also a plus for politics ahead of 2019, which aims to win.

On his part Umodzi Party president, John Chisi said the joining of Kaleso was a sign that Malawi’s politics, was maturing because small parties could catch big fish into the party’s fold.

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