In Malawi mysterious fire guts electoral body warehouse as recount fight rage on

MEC Chairman MbenderaBlantyre, Malawi, July 15 (AGV) _ A mysterious fire in the wee hours of Tuesday gutted a Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) warehouse in the capital, Lilongwe, reducing to ashes millions worth of electoral materials.

Crucially, some of the destroyed materials were ballot papers which were subject for a recount in a disputed parliamentary result in one of the constituencies in Lilongwe City.

“The Malawi Electoral Commission warehouse in Lilongwe has been gutted by fire which started at around 00.00hrs on July 14, 2014. Although the Lilongwe City Assembly was called in immediately to put out the fire, there has been extensive damage to the property and material in the warehouse,” said Chief Elections Officer Willie Kalonga. 

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Malawi President Joyce Banda demands manual vote recount, alleges ‘massive rigging’

President Banda demands manual recount - Trailing Blantyre, Malawi, May 22 (AGV) _ Malawi President Joyce Banda, facing possible defeat at the polls, Thursday demanded a manual recount of the Tuesday vote “in order to have a free and fair election”.

Speaking from her official Kamuzu Palace in the capital, Lilongwe, Banda alleged that the election was being rigged.

“It has come to my attention that there were some serious irregularities in the counting and announcement of results in some parts of the country,” she said. 

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Mec acted impartially throughout Malawi’s election period- EU Chief Election Observer

Observer Veronique De KeyserBLANTYRE (AGV)–While President Joyce Banda is pressing for manual vote recount, the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU COM) says the Malawi Electoral Commission has acted impartially throughout the election period.

The Commission also sought inclusive solutions in an effort to enfranchise all voters in the country, according to EU COM Chief Observer Veronique De Keyser.

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