Talking Blues: MCP and DPP, lead us not into temptation!

By Mapwiya Muulupale “You climbed up, approached Caesar’s chair … and offered him a crown. …Where did you get the crown? You didn’t just find it lying there; you brought it from home, a premeditated and carefully planned crime!” – Cicero For better or worse, the race to the 2025 Presidential Elections has started, and under different circumstances… Read More
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Malawi: A Corrupt Judiciary, A Nonethical ACB Boss, and The Rotten Chakwera Administration – All Exposed in A Leaked Tape

By Cedrick Ngalande Recently, a deeply disturbing tape was leaked on WhatsApp. In the tape, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Chief Martha Chizuma talks freely with an unknown caller about the affairs of Malawi government and the status of pending high profile corruption cases in Malawi. On the tape, Chizuma claims that the British have told her that the success of… Read More
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By Now Peter Mutharika is saying “I told you so” – Idriss Nassar

By Idriss Nassar Betrayal is when those that came to power through a revolution suddenly embrace and become comfortable in what they (seemingly) vehemently opposed not too long ago—grand theft, corruption, looting, cronyism, love of power for power’s sake, unexplained sudden wealth, primitive accumulation, hostility and intolerance toward opposing views, state capture by a coterie of dubious characters, hero worshipping,… Read More
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Malawi Leader Mutharika says Pan-African Parliament crucial

BLANTYRE-— President of the Republic of Malawi, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika on Wednesday, described the Pan-African Parliament as crucial because it brings together 55 African countries to advance economic integration, youth and women empowerment, peace, and unity, among other benefits. Speaking in a press conference on arrival at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe, President Mutharika said the 4th Ordinary Session… Read More
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Malawi Chiefs Castigating Opposition is a form of Censorship?

Sentiments by a segment of Malawi chiefs castigating leader of opposition in the country cannot go without being vindicated. The platform that Lazarus Chakwera took is an appropriate podium because both Peter Mutharika and leader of opposition answers to the public. For chiefs to instigate that Lazarus Chakwera committed treasonous crime when he was doing his rightful obligations explains the… Read More
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It’s not just Mutharika, it’s the system as well

Five days after Peter Mutharika’s return from his prolonged stay in the United States of America where he attended United Nations General Assembly in New York, the Malawi President, held a much anticipated press conference to brief Malawians on duties he carried out during his time in the USA. At least this was the official agenda of the press briefing,… Read More
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Malawi President Mutharika dressed in a Pimping Jacket silences political opponents in one fired-up press briefing

President Arthur Peter Mutharika dressed in clothing more befitting a pimp or entertainer says he is fit and ready to deliver his promises on development to Malawians during his five-year term and beyond. A visibly physically fit Mutharika was speaking at Kamuzu Palace during a press briefing he convened to inform the nation of his official trip to the 71st… Read More
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Malawi President Mutharika should have continued receiving treatment in the US lament Social activist

By: Lloyd M’bwana LILONGWE-(AGV): The country’s political analyst- Ernest Thindwa and human right Activist-MacDonald Sembereka have vehemently asked Malawi government to consider sending President Peter Mutharika back to hospital abroad to seek further medical health with regards to his Sunday homecoming status from USA. Thindwa and Sembereka made the call through Zodiak Broadcasting Cooperation (ZBS)’s Views Triangle aired on Sunday… Read More

Malawi President Peter Mutharika visits Chikwawa flood victims

Chikhwawa, January 22, 2015: President Professor Peter Mutharika on Wednesday visited some of the people that were affected by recent flooding at Tizola Camp in Chikwawa district. Speaking at the camp where people from the areas of village headmen Tizola, Nyakayekha and Thedzi are being kept, the President described the flooding as a new phenomenon for the country. In Chikwawa... Read More