Talking Blues: Easter Reflection – Can our Lazarus rise with the risen Lord?

By Mapwiya Muulupale “We in the opposition have previously and tirelessly raised such issues of nauseating corruption by President Peter Mutharika’s administration. He needs to resign and call for early elections.” Pres Lazarus Chakwera in July 2018, serving as Leader of Opposition The jury is out. The verdict is crystal-clear. And it is as unambiguous as can be. The corruption that President Chakwera was accusing others of is now worse. This is as per an Afrobarometer Survey Report issued by UNIMA’s Centre for Social Research which says two-thirds of Malawians…

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Talking Blues: Notwithstanding lynching by Malawi President Chakwera, Ms Chizuma marches on!

By Mapwiya Muulupale “But it also means admitting that corruption is so deep in our country that many of us may have benefitted from its proceeds without even knowing it,” President Lazarus Chakwera, 24 January 2022. Warren Bennis and Robert J. Thomas, in their September 2002 Harvard Business Review article titled “Crucibles of Leadership,” define a crucible as a transformative experience through which an individual comes to a new or an altered sense of identity. Among the most common types of crucibles, the authors highlight the experience of prejudice or…

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Malawi Opinions 

Chakwera is leader without substance, presiding over a yet another corrupt Malawian regime – Professor Danwood M Chirwa

Opinion by Professor Danwood M Chirwa The emerging revelations around NOCMA oil procurement scandal are deeply shocking but not unexpected.  NOCMA’s de facto CEO’s meticulous account and documentation of the interference by political agents in the procurement process brings to light the anatomy of corruption in Malawi. It shows that parastatals are not independent and the invidious position that management and boards of these parastatals find themselves in. It is either they comply and submit or get hounded out. The schematic structure of corruption is the same, from the old…

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Lazarus Chakwera Malawi Opinions 

Talking Blues: One step forward, two steps backwards and Extra

By Mapwiya Muulupale “Success is brought by continued labour and continued watchfulness. We must struggle on, not for one moment hesitate, nor take one backward step.” – William Jennings Bryan US Secretary of State 1860 – 1925 The phrase “one step forward, two steps backwards” originates from an anecdote about a frog trying to scale a water well. The frog keeps trying to climb up the wall of the well, but for every two steps it climbs, it falls back by one step, making its progress arduous. With time, the…

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Mutharika and Msowoya Malawi 

Malawi President declares Parliament is not bigger than government on the occasion of opening the 47th session of the National Assembly

Malawi President declares Parliament is not bigger than government on the occasion of opening the 47th session of the National Assembly President Peter Mutharika on Friday morning officially opened the 47th session of the National Assembly in the Capital City of Lilongwe where he told Member of Parliament (MPs) that the August House is not bigger than Government He also admitted that the country’s electricity crisis has affected the economy of Malawi as well as the living standards of the citizens

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Peter Mutharika Southern Africa 

Malawi President Mutharika dressed in a Pimping Jacket silences political opponents in one fired-up press briefing

President Arthur Peter Mutharika dressed in clothing more befitting a pimp or entertainer says he is fit and ready to deliver his promises on development to Malawians during his five-year term and beyond. A visibly physically fit Mutharika was speaking at Kamuzu Palace during a press briefing he convened to inform the nation of his official trip to the 71st United Nations General Assembly (UNGA)

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