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Malawi President Mutharika dressed in a Pimping Jacket silences political opponents in one fired-up press briefing

President Arthur Peter Mutharika dressed in clothing more befitting a pimp or entertainer says he is fit and ready to deliver his promises on development to Malawians during his five-year term and beyond.

A visibly physically fit Mutharika was speaking at Kamuzu Palace during a press briefing he convened to inform the nation of his official trip to the 71st United Nations General Assembly (UNGA)


Donning a blue customized shirt, the President was welcomed into the hall with cheers and ululation from the media and government officials. From that point on everybody realized how the nation was hoodwinked by lies on social media that presented a gloomy picture of his health.


The President took the onus to explain to Malawians of his schedule after he left the UNGA.

He disclosed that he among other things met potential investors in agriculture especially drought resistant crops like cassava tubers. In addition, the President held talks with agriculture experts who intend to help Malawi minimize and manage post-harvest crop loss which is a major problem in the country’s farming sector.

He also met representatives from a company that plans to install biomass and solar plants to help curb electricity problems in the country.

The President also clarified on his UNGA entourage and costs saying he only travelled with two cabinet ministers and less than 40 people against a SADC average of 120 dignitaries.

“I am doing all this as a measure of austerity. In addition, I have foregone fifteen high-level foreign assignments just to make sure that we save money,” said President Mutharika as a reminder to the citizens.

On issues affecting the country the President spoke on food security, water problems, the economy and his health in relation to many unfounded rumors over the past weeks.

He told the media that his government has already put safety measures to ensure that all Malawians are food secure up to the next harvest.

“We have assurances of 274,106 Metric Tonnes of cereals against the estimated need on 262,500 MT for humanitarian food targeting 6.5 million who are vulnerable.

We have decided that ADMARC should stock 400,000 Metric Tonnes of maize against their initial request of 206,677 Metric Tonnes. As we speak, there is already over 100,000 Metric Tonnes in ADMARC markets, ready to be sold,” said the President.

On water problems the Malawi leader said his government is finally moving in to deal with the problem once and for all.

“My government is in the process of initiating new supply systems for Lilongwe and Blantyre cities. The Lake Malawi Water Supply system and the Mulanje Mountain Water Supply Project will eradicate persistent water shortages in these two cities and surrounding districts for good,” he said adding that he will launch the Mulanje project next week.

Professor Mutharika further said that for Malawi to develop it needs to construct a robust road network which is an ingredient for meaningful development.

“Malawi needs to have an efficient and strategic modern road network to spur economic development. We are in the process of constructing a robust road network across the country to kick start lasting development in imitation of how great economies like Germany and United States developed.”

The press conference was held in an amicable atmosphere for the media who were allowed to ask any question they had. Journalists were even afforded an extra 30 minutes to exhaust all their questions.


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