Talking Blues: Of monkeys, Malawi leaders, rubble and a ‘British Suspect’

By Mapwiya Muulupale “I am just as frustrated as you are to hear that the British suspect recently visited Malawi and none of the agencies actively investigating him here noticed, thus missing a golden opportunity to make progress on the matter,” President Chakwera, 31 May 2022 In an experiment, five monkeys were placed in a cage. A ladder with some… Read More
Mutharika and Msowoya Malawi 

Malawi President declares Parliament is not bigger than government on the occasion of opening the 47th session of the National Assembly

Malawi President declares Parliament is not bigger than government on the occasion of opening the 47th session of the National Assembly President Peter Mutharika on Friday morning officially opened the 47th session of the National Assembly in the Capital City of Lilongwe where he told Member of Parliament (MPs) that the August House is not bigger than Government He also… Read More

Malawians react with anger at ministers’ proposal to hike salary to K3.5 million

BLANTYRE, Aug 26: Ordinary Malawians contacted by our reporters have reacted angry to a proposal that ministers to hike their salaries, describing it as “pure madness” by some and “daylight robbery” by others. The ministers, through a memo written by acting chief secretary Willie Samute to President APM, sought to raise the salary of a minister from K600 to K3.5... Read More

Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima appears to be implicated in the famed “CashGate” Scandals

LILONGWE (AGV) -- Malawi vice president Saulos Chilima has been implicated in the cashgate scandal, Malawi's historical fraud which saw over US$100 million of public money getting lost in inexplicable means between 2012 and 2013. Chilima had tight business links with one Maxwell Namata, one of the big fishes considered to have played major roles in the scam when he... Read More

Our Malawi our economy: The road to recovery, Stability and sustainable self-reliance[2014 and beyond]

Malawi as a nation is wallowing in economic dire-straits and is in a crisis situation that needs ingenious and judicious policy reform to avail itself. The IMF and the international community of western donors have injected their infamous so called recovery ‘bitter pills’ but the million dollar question that crops to mind when we reflect upon our situation remains whether... Read More

For Malawi’s President Joyce Banda the plane nightmare that will never go away

BLANTYRE --More pressure is piling on President Joyce Banda and her People's Party led government with human rights activists threatening to engage the Stolen Asset Recovery Unit of (StAR) of the United Nations if government fails to take back the Presidential Jet it traded off in two weeks. This follows similar calls from the Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) on... Read More

Malawi Finance minister Mkwezalamba contradicts his boss President Joyce Banda on Jet proceeds

BLANTYRE(MaraPost)—Malawians are yet to know the  truth as to how the proceeds were used as government officials continues giving conflict information with latest being the minister of finance dismissing Joyce Banda’s information that some of the money realized from the Jet sale were used to fund Farm Input Loan Programme (FILP).  Speaking at a press briefing on Tuesday in the afternoon, President... Read More

Convene Parliament or step down, PAC tells Malawi President Joyce Banda

BLANTYRE (AGV)--Public Affairs Committee's (PAC) all-inclusive stakeholders conference ended on Wednesday with delegates unanimously demanding for the convening Parliament by March 10 to discuss the forensic audit report, the sale and whereabouts of proceeds of both the Presidential jet and 'rotten maize'. Delegates were earlier told by Justice Minister Fahad Assani and Finance Minister Dr. Maxwell Mkwezelamba that Parliament would... Read More

Malawi finance minister doesn’t have documented evidence of Presidential Jet sale

BLANTYRE(MaraPost)—Malawi’s Minister of Finance Dr. Maxwell Nkwezalamba proved to the public that what he has been commenting on media about the presidential Jet is just an attempt to defend the People’s Party administration from facing embarrassment as he failed to give evidence to show that government received the money at Public Affairs Committee's (PAC) all-inclusive conference held in Blantyre. . Read More

Malawi’s Information Minister Brown Mpinganjira accuses foreign envoys of support for mass protests

BLANTYRE(MaraPost)—Malawi’s Minister of Information and Civic Education, Evangelist Brown Mpinganjira, has accused some foreign envoys in the country of being behind the planning of the anti Joyce Banda administration mass protests slated for Thursday 27 February 2014. Minister Brown Mpinganjira told ZBS on Tuesday that s the reasons cited for the demonstrations scheduled for February 27 are not valid but... Read More