For Malawi’s President Joyce Banda the plane nightmare that will never go away


Human rights activist Billy Mayaya has threatened to use StAR to facilitate the return of the Jet to the people of Malawi if government fails to comply the demand.

Last week President Banda and government spokesperson Brown Mpinganjira failed to convince the nation on how the proceed realised from the sale of the aircraft were used.

Government also came up with the explanation following revelations that the proceeds did not hit any Malawi government account.

“We demand the immediate return of this public asset in two weeks. This demand for its return by the taxpayers must be respected,” said Mayaya.

Meanwhile, Malawi Watch executive director Billy Banda, who held a news conference last week calling for the suspension of President Banda over ‘dishonesty’, says PP led government has up to Wednesday next week to divulge details on how the aircraft was disposed off.

Banda also demand government to release details of the cabinet meeting that resolved to dispose off the Jet, its agenda and the minutes of the meeting.

“The decision to sale the aircraft was good, but no one sniffed or imagined that this was going to be a bitter lesson in how government can choose to be dishonest to its people on their own asset,” said Banda.

There was no immediate comment from government, but Ministry of Finance spokesperson Nations Msowoya told Capital radio on Monday that those in need of the document regarding the sale of the Presidential Jet should lodge their complaints to the National Audit Office..

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