Our Malawi our economy: The road to recovery, Stability and sustainable self-reliance[2014 and beyond]

Map of MalawiMalawi as a nation is wallowing in economic dire-straits and is in a crisis situation that needs ingenious and judicious policy reform to avail itself.

The IMF and the international community of western donors have injected their infamous so called recovery ‘bitter pills’ but the million dollar question that crops to mind when we reflect upon our situation remains whether such structural adjustment proposal bring us any glimmer of hope to economic recovery not only in the short term but even in the medium and long run.

When we project into the future do we see our nation prospering once more in economic terms or are we forever trapped in a vicious cycle of causation and poverty. Developmentally are we really forging ahead or rather backtracking and retrogressing? Where actually do we forecast our economic growth within the next 10 or 20 years? What policy direction in developmental terms do we really need to realize our breakthrough to sustainable growth and economic   self-reliance? When we sit back and reflect do we see the IMF structural programmes translating into sustainable economic development and tangible progress?


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