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Malawi Chiefs Castigating Opposition is a form of Censorship?

Sentiments by a segment of Malawi chiefs castigating leader of opposition in the country cannot go without being vindicated. The platform that Lazarus Chakwera took is an appropriate podium because both Peter Mutharika and leader of opposition answers to the public.

For chiefs to instigate that Lazarus Chakwera committed treasonous crime when he was doing his rightful obligations explains the ugly vendetta the government is using to disgrace itself.

Free speech is part of democracy, we are not in the era of one party state where speeches have to be censored or screened besides the national address by the leader of opposition has been long overdue. DPP and Peter Mutharika have messed up a lot in the country and there is an eloquent need for opposition to take this government to task.

DPP and Peter Mutharika have gone kilometres not only castigating but character assassinating everyone that opposes and argue against their evil deeds particularly corruption. Malawi is not only safe heaven for corruption but dirtiest home of corruption which by percent over 99.9% of the entire government leadership is stinkingly corrupt; the worst part is that eversince Peter Mutharika came into power none of the dirty officials engaged in corruption have been apprehended or removed from high positions. Instead of instilling public confidence Peter Mutharika elevates corrupt officials to higher positions as if they are graduands. Examples are many, the six alleged ministers, the elevation of Dausi from spy chief to a full minister, appointments of chief executives in public institutions including diplomatic posts.
Despite the president’s outcry over rampant corruption in his government Peter Mutharika has completely and disastrously failed corruption by letting corruption to keep sufficing. His second in command instead of being vice president enough he went to warn thieves of public resources that he would reveal and shame them. What arrogance of a leader that you go to warn bad guys to play it cool otherwise you will shame them? Is corruption a matter needing warning or an immediate stop? Do leaders in the name of Peter Mutharika and Saulos Choline need to be courted at state house by members of opposition to tell them how bad the country is in corruption and other social ills? You help people that are expecting help; you give advise to people that needs advise. DPP do not need advise neither do they need help for they are their own destroyers.

Lazarus Chakwera was not addressing thieves he was addressing citizens to know and realise the state of the nation. He owes it to nobody for an explanation, he did a very important thing to have undressed the thieves in the open. The chiefs who went beserk castigating Chakwera need mental examination to assess their capability if they are fit to remain chiefs of their areas.

Malawi is dying because of the attitude of flies following a dead body into the grave. Wake up Malawi! It is not about praise and praise it is about doing what the country and citizens expect not what an individual and his bunch of thieves wants or like. I call upon all other chiefs of Malawi to go public through independent media and distance themselves from what the selected few chiefs were bribed to speak.

For national interest Lazarus Chakwera deserves round of applause, it is so wished that he do this more frequently to keep citizens abreast with the events taking place in our nation.

A nation full of people clapping hands for rubbish is likely to fall than a nation that is vigilante against plunder. Peter Mutharika has messed up big time, round of applause is not and cannot be a meal on his table, he deserves public and open defiance.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian

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