Malawi OP-ED 

Malawi from May 2019 to June 2020: Profiling a Troubled Nation Desperate for True Freedom

By Precious Nihorowa The American political scientist and political economist, Francis Fukuyama, in his famous book, The End of History and the Last Man, explores the historical evolution of political systems through different epochs and generations which culminates in the current Western Liberal democracy. According to him, in as far as political systems are concerned, humanity has reached an end of exploration as there will never be another human system of government that will replace liberal democracy. As part of his exploration, Fukuyama presents the motivations for the successful propelling…

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Mutharika and Kagame Malawi 

Malawi President Mutharika says to borrow leaf from Rwanda’s Paul Kagame on decent housing program

Mutharika and KagamePresident Peter Mutharika says Malawi will borrow a leaf from Rwanda on how it managed to turn 99 percent of its mud and grass thatched house into modern decent houses for its citizens within 10 years.

Mutharika said this during a press briefing on his return from the 18th Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) heads of state and government held in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.


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Peter Mutharika Decision Makers OP-ED 

It’s not just Mutharika, it’s the system as well

Five days after Peter Mutharika’s return from his prolonged stay in the United States of America where he attended United Nations General Assembly in New York, the Malawi President, held a much anticipated press conference to brief Malawians on duties he carried out during his time in the USA. At least this was the official agenda of the press briefing, which was earmarked for 90 minutes but lasted for about 2hrs. Malawians expected much more information from the press conference than a mere briefing on the Assembly, which would not…

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Joyce Banda lost elections because she took people’s goodwill for granted

Joyce BandaWilliam Gumede, author of Thabo Mbeki and the Battle for the Soul of the ANC Recently wrote a piece for The Guardian’s “Comment is Free” on why he thinks “[Barak] Obama has let Africa down.” Unfortunately, there is still a section of Africans who think Obama owes the continent something simply because his father was from Kenya. Yet, Obama is an American and he owes his allegiance to the USA.

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Malawi’s President Joyce Banda hires new cabinet, sacks two key ministers

President Joyce BandaBlantyre, Malawi, Oct. 15 (AGV) _ Malawi president Joyce Banda, who last Thursday sacked her entire cabinet, has hired a new one comprising mostly her former team with a few surprising additions.

Banda, southern Africa’s first female president and Africa’s second, has fired Finance Minister Ken Lipenga and Justice Minister Ralph Kasambara. The two are at the centre of investigations into the looting of money in government through fraud and corruption that led to the unprecedented sacking of the cabinet.

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