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Malawians must rebel and abstain in any subsequent election Emancipation from politics

According to the Central Intelligence Agency, in 2013 77 percent of Malawi’s labor force worked in agriculture and only 4 percent in industry. According to the Mo Ibrahim Foundation Index of African Governance 2020, Malawi’s rural sector ranks #33 among 54 nations in Africa down from #29 in 2018, with weak performance in rural market access #34, rural sector support… Read More
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The Big-Mouthed: Madame Chizuma, congratulations! Do nothing but your job!

By Richard Kayenda Now there is a new boss in town! The Anti-Corruption Bureau -ACB has a new leader; a female boss, who is perhaps the youngest and one of the fewest female bosses to have ever served at the helm of the graft busting body. Her name is Martha Chizuma. Congratulations to her are in order. The news that… Read More
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Malawi from May 2019 to June 2020: Profiling a Troubled Nation Desperate for True Freedom

By Precious Nihorowa The American political scientist and political economist, Francis Fukuyama, in his famous book, The End of History and the Last Man, explores the historical evolution of political systems through different epochs and generations which culminates in the current Western Liberal democracy. According to him, in as far as political systems are concerned, humanity has reached an end… Read More
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Z Allan Ntata’s Uncommon Sense: Who Will Really Benefit from a Lockdown

By Z Allan Ntata There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic caused by the Coronavirus is a serious health threat that requires serious and sometimes unprecedented responses from those governing us as well as from the citizenry.  If you follow the thoughts and comments of many commentators, you would quickly see that people value their life so much that… Read More
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Malawi MP Lipipa urges Malawians to prioritise life over elections -COVID-19

Member of Parliament for Blantyre City South Constituency Noel Lipipa has questioned the idea of prioritizing the fresh elections over the well-being of Malawians amid threated pandemic- COVID-19. Speaking in an interview Lipipa said that there is a need for Malawi to avoid being a nation that doesn’t put the well-being of its people first but democracy in this time… Read More