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WTO waives intellectual property rights to support vaccine production in Africa

– – The World Trade Organisation (WTO) announced in June 2022 an agreement to waive the intellectual property rights that usually apply in the manufacturing of vaccines, to assist the production of COVID-19 vaccines in developing countries. The measures were proposed to the WTO by the South African and Indian governments, with other developing countries supporting the move. The waiver… Read More
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South Africa’s recovery is on its way but downside risks remain

– – Following a robust recovery in 2021 after the Covid-19 pandemic (+4.9 percent), the GDP of South Africa is anticipated to continue expanding over the next two years, but at a slower pace. Analysts are expecting growth to increase by 1.8 percent in 2022, and by 1.3 percent in 2023 according to the latest OECD forecasts. But the South… Read More
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COVAX surpasses 1.5 billion COVID-19 vaccine deliveries

– – COVAX, the international coalition that is responsible for making Covid-19 vaccines accessible to countries around the world has surpassed the milestone of 1.5 billion deliveries. It has said that the COVID-19 vaccines delivered around the world had reached 1.5 billion, following a shipment of 2.26 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to Tanzania. A little over… Read More
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Covid-19: Ghana re-opens borders, halts mandatory tests and mask wearing

– – Ghana has lifted several restrictions imposed to curb the spread of covid-19. Fully vaccinated travellers coming into Ghana will not be required again to show PCR tests results before being allowed entry into the country. At the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) travellers will also not be tested for COVID-19 on arrival, effective March 28, 2022. Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo… Read More
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Covid-19: South Africa, Nigeria end PCR test for vaccinated travelers

– – South Africa and Nigeria have announced their decision to relax Covid-19 PCR test for vaccinated travellers. On Monday the Nigerian government announced that fully vaccinated travellers coming into the country will no longer be required to take a pre-departure PCR Covid-19 test. The chairman of the Presidential Covid Response Team, Boss Mustapha, said this change would come into… Read More
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The effects of COVID-19 on local food systems and rural livelihoods

21st February 2022: As COVID-19 took hold in March 2020, the primary focus was on ensuring that people stayed healthy and safe from infection. However, it soon became clear that the pandemic would have much further reaching effects than just the disease itself – and nowhere was this more evident than in sub-Saharan Africa. Restrictions enforced to help curb the… Read More
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Pandemic is not over yet by a long shot: Deaths rose every week in 2022

SHOBHA SHUKLA, BOBBY RAMAKANT – CNS Global health thought leader Dr Tim France rightly tweeted, “Here is the WHO stating explicitly what most people I know are saying to one another privately: Is not it really risky to lift all COVID-19 related measures now, with the virus still circulating in high levels? Clearly, in these global experts’ minds, the answer… Read More
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Africa on track to control COVID-19 pandemic in 2022

– – Almost two years after Africa identified its first case of COVID-19 (14 February 2020), the World Health Organization (WHO) finds that, if current trends continue, the continent can control the pandemic in 2022. However, WHO warned that continued vigilance is key. Over the last two years, the continent has witnessed four waves of COVID-19, each with higher peaks… Read More
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No excuse not to end the acute stage of pandemic globally

Is it not shocking that after more than two years into the pandemic (when we know how to protect ourselves from getting infected, and have had vaccines for more than a year now), by far the highest-ever number of corona virus infections in a single week were reported in the second week of January 2022? This is an unacceptable failure… Read More
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Beenie Man arrested in Ghana for evading Covid quarantine

– – Ghanaian officials are reported to have confirmed that popular Jamaican dancehall artiste, Beenie Man, was arrested for flouting COVID-19 quarantine protocols. The musician traveled to Ghana to perform at a number of concerts but tested positive for Covid-19 upon arrival at the Kotoka International Airport. He was placed in quarantine by health officials, as was required by the… Read More